Green Day....Father of All... 

At last: after unicorning around with rock operas and pulp-rock three-cd novelty releases, Green Day return with a strong album. It’s punk rock ‘n’ roll, albeit sanitised by producer Butch Walker, whose CV includes Taylor Swift. 
Opener Father Of All … kicks off with drums and riffs that echo Hendrix’s Fire but then becomes more heads down rock ‘n’ roll, Billy Joe’s vocal distorted and down in the mix. Fire Ready Aim channels classic hit (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (recorded by Paul Revere and the Raiders and The Monkees), while Oh Yeah! moves into the 70s and channels the Glitter Band (that’s the band, not the weirdo singer). Most rock ‘n’ roll is perhaps Stab You In The Heart, where Billy Joe comes close to Beatles-style “Whoos” and echoes Hippy Hippy Shake.
Meet Me On The Roof sounds like no-one but is just a strong Green Day song; the only duds are where you get formulaic Green Day: I Was A Teenage Teenager is not bad but others have criticised the slightly naff lyrics. The album is largely free of swearing, the exception the beefy Kinks-ish Take The Money And Crawl.