Nils Landgren and Jan Lundgren....Kristallen 

You wait, as they say, ages for an album of modern chamber music and then two come together, this and the Salt House album (see this page).
Landgren (trombone and vocals) and Lundgren (piano) play similarly organic music to Salt House, and while it is jazz, it’s got an intimacy that would suit playing in a small venue. Salt House is very British (or at least Scottish) but this is harder to place, more European, though like Salt House’s folk, it flows and glides in a natural way.
This is mainly instrumental duets, the piano working surprisingly well with the trombone, an instrument you might not associate with gentle and soulful playing. It’s more bluesy than anything, although when Landgren sings on a couple of tracks, the piano is more akin to jazz. The tracks with vocals are comparatively weaker, late-night voice and keyboard jazz being less ear-catching than the unusual combination of trombone and piano. This is out on ACT 9628-2, the cover art is by Janika Sootna: “Oops…”.