Silverlake 66....Ragged Heart

Once you know Silverlake 66 (Maria Francis and Jeff Overbo) are from the US and play country / folk / Americana as it should be played, you can guess the sound. They’re breaking no new ground but they do it well, simple music, plain beats and straightforward lyrics that’s in no way being superficial. Indeed, predictable as the sound is, you’d be hard-pushed to call it generic or formulaic: it’s just the music sounding as it should.
Blue Earth County opens; it kicks off with a howl of sorts, a statement of rebel intent, though the song soon slows to a loping, steady beat. The lyrics are about a guy from Minnesota living in the big city and dreaming of home: “If I knew it was this hard / I would have stayed in Blue Earth County / With Derrick and the Dominos to satisfy my mind”. He’s finding city hard to take: “Now the news is fake / they’re on the take, and screaming on television.”

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