This Machine Kills Fascists....Joyland

This Machine Kills Fascists was a sticker that Woody Guthrie had on his guitar at some point in his career; he meant songs can fight bad ideas.
The band This Machine Kills Fascists take this one step further: opening song Kill The Fascists suggests taking more direct action, though with its upbeat tone (lots of brass, played — like most of the album — at joyous speed), it is a step removed from an actual call to arms. The song also laments people turning on each other, and its title is a solution to deal with those to blame: “Turning on each other like animals / Beating up people like cannibals / What a story state we’re in / There’s something we can do.” Later on, Punch A Nazi In The Face is possibly about white nationalist Richard Spencer, punched in the face during an interview, rather than just a random plea for violence.
Liberal Lefty has the lyric “I’m a liberal lefty Guardian-reading muesli-eating hippy / Not a Tory sexist racist homophobic bald (?) 
Ukipeee” the latter word elongated ad delivered in a falsetto, so you can guess the content of that. The narrator is also a member of the Green Party (“They love us down in Brighton / But not Yarmouth or in Thanet”).
There are songs about other than politics. I’m So Bad is a love song of sorts, Fake News and the entertaining Facebook Meltdown are about two unfortunate aspects of modern life while I Smoke Da Ganja is what it says.
Musically, it’s played at breakneck speed, with high levels of musicianship, which stop it from being a po-faced political diatribe; while full-on fascists might not like it, a Daily Mail reader might overlook some of the politics for the fun of it all. The basic sound is punk / gypsy / brass, though I Smoke Da Ganja is reggae, and there are some odd moments of country.
If you’re a liberal lefty Guardian-reading member of The Green Party (which, rather laughably, describes the Review Corner to a T) you’ll find this all very entertaining.

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