Candlemas service

Candlemas will be celebrated at St Mary’s Church, Astbury, on Sunday at 6.30pm.
The ancient service, marking 40 days since Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus, commemorates the occasion when Mary and Joseph took their baby to the temple in Jerusalem to present him to God.
A spokesman for St Mary’s said: “It was commonly known as Candlemas because of the custom of blessing and lighting candles, and today it is still a festival rich in meaning. Jesus was born to be the light of the world, but there is also a certain bitter-sweet significance to Candlemas, as it is a pivot in the Christian year. At the very end of the Christmas season, with Lent approaching, the Church begins to turns towards Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus.”
All are welcome to attend the service. For more information on all services, visit

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