Funeral of Mr K Withers

 The funeral took place on Friday, 17th April, of Mr Kenneth “Kenny” John Withers, aged 59, of Congleton who died at home on 31st March.

The Very Rev Dr Jeff Cuttell conducted the service at St Mary’s Church, Astbury, where Dr Sally Drage
was organist for the hymns Onward Christian Soldiers and Morning Has Broken. Committal followed at
Macclesfi eld Crematorium. Mourners were: Mrs P Withers (widow), Mr and Mrs J C Withers (parents), Mrs S Bentley, Mr and Mrs J Griffi n (sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs O Slater, Mr and Mrs N Purnes, Miss C Purves, Mr and Mrs G Withers, Mr and Mrs K Duffy, Mr S Clarke, Mr D Clarke, Mrs M Johnson (rep Mr and Mrs R Elkin and B Mottershed), Mrs
A Bailey (rep Mrs Delia Wech and Mrs Kate Painter), Mrs S Myatt (auntie), Mr M Groves, Mr N Wood, Mr and Mrs L
Withers, Mrs L Withers, Mr L Jackson, Mrs C Evans, Mr T Withers, Mrs L  Groves, Mrs S Jones, Mr and Mrs T
Withers, Mr and Mrs N Heath, Mr and Mrs R Clack, Mr and Mrs D Camm, Miss S Camm, Miss J Camm, Miss
J Jones (rep Mr S Francis), Mr D Jones (rep Miss N Nicholson), Miss N Goodwin (rep Mr D Taplin).
Mourners who met at church were: Mrs G Dave (rep Mrs P Jones), Mr and Mrs S and E Sumnall (rep Mr D
Townley, Mr and Mrs J and A Smith (Vale Club, rep Mr G Faulkner, Mrs S Faulkner and, Mrs K Frost, Mr S
Berrisford (rep Mrs J Berrisford, Mr C Withers (brother), Mrs D Withers (rep Mrs N Kelly), Mrs K Beardmore (rep Mr
J Beardmore and Miss B Beardmore), Mrs D Holt (rep Mr D Holt), Mrs S Peacey (rep Mrs J Jones), Mr and Mrs
R and A Shenton, Miss T Tomkinson (rep Miss K Stanway), Mr T Jones, Mr and Mrs W Butler, Mrs J Washington,
Mr and Mrs B Worth, Mr and Mrs S Bours, Mr S Percival, Mr C Barton, Mrs W Brown, Mr P Beach (rep Mrs
P Beech), Mr H F Skellen (rep Mrs B E Skellen), Mr and Mrs S Turner, Mr and Mrs C Shone (rep Mr T Shone,
Mr and Mrs T Shone and Mr and Mrs W Heath), Mr T Temple (rep Mrs W Temple and Mrs R Parkin), Mr and Mrs
J and R Shackleton, Mrs M Hudson, Mrs U Stubbs (rep Mr V Booth), Mrs A Linsley (rep Mrs E Silcox and Mr S
Silcox), Mr R E Egerton, Mr and Mrs G R Davenport, Mr D Kelly (rep Mr J Tryno), Mr J Smith, Mr C Johns (rep
Mr S Hopkins), Mr P Cooper, Mr G Cooper, Mr B Banks (rep Mr and Mrs L and L Banks), Mrs J Banks (rep Mr
and Mrs K McIntyre), Mrs L Porter (rep Mr D Porter), Mr and Mrs S and M Walsh, Mr and Mrs J and R Parr, Mr
M Bailey (rep Mrs A |Bailey), Mr and Mrs R and L Craig, Mr P Sherratt, Mrs J Grimshaw, Mr G Washington, Mr K
Jones, Mrs K Adams, Mrs A Sinclair, Mr and Mrs K and M Rogers, Mr R Wakfield (rep Mrs G Wakfi eld), Mr DPotts (rep Mr and Mrs D and K Potts), Mr and Mrs A Close (rep Mr P Sproston and Mrs P Shallcross), Mr B Ollier, Mr
J Evans, Mrs S Evans, Mrs C Lawrence, Mr D Cain, Mr and Mrs P Shackleton, Mr J Copeland, Mr and Mrs C Spence,
Mr C Naich, Mr V Burns, Mrs R Broad (rep Mr A Broad), Mrs A Van Schijndel (rep Mr P Van Schijndel), Mr S Johnson
(rep Mr S Mountford), Mr and Mrs C Faulkner (rep Mr S Faulkner, Mr and Mrs S Bailey), Mr and Mrs A Deakin.
Mr and Mrs L Whalley (rep Mr S Walley and Mr and Mrs A Wright), Mr K Mitchell, Mr and Mrs M Hinde, Mrs
Y Mellor (rep Mr C Mellor), Mr D Hartshorn (rep Mrs J Hartshorn, Mr C Sneyd, Mrs A Swann, Mr and Mrs M
Rowe, Mr H Rutter, Mrs J Smith (rep Mrs M Birch), Mr and Mrs A Pattison (rep Mr R Andrew), Mrs J S Jones, Mr
and Mrs R Lloyd, Mr M Shardlow, Mr and Mrs K and C Shaw, Mr and Mrs S Tweats, Mr P Johnson, Mrs J Porter, Mr
and Mrs R and J Cunningham (rep Mr and Mrs W Wright), Mr and Mrs J and K Brough, Mr J Byram, Mr A Grounds
(rep Mrs J Grounds, Mr D Grounds and Mr J Grounds), Mrs H Williams (rep Ms P Masefield), Mr P Hayes, Mr
K Reddish (rep Mrs L Reddish, Mr G Reddish and Mrs S Probert), Mr R Garrett (rep Mrs C Garrett and Mrs I
Jenning), Mr S Willcock, Mr D Slack, Mr B Slack, Mr D Smethurst, Mr and Mrs G Mee, Mr V Campbell (rep Mrs
K Campbell), Mrs K Johnson, Mr D Harper, Mrs C Freemantle, Mr J Walley (rep Mr K Whalley), Mr R Grocott,
Mrs D Williams (rep Mrs S Fleet), Mr D Westrup, Mr M Westrup, Mr A Westrup (rep Mr S Priestman), Miss N
Shallcross. Mr and Mrs R Bird, Mrs P Duffey, Mr K Doyle, Mr S Morrey (rep Mrs A Morrey), Mr and Mrs C and L Newton
(rep Mr and Mrs P Sheard), Mrs L Cliffe, Mr and Mrs B Dent, Mr P Hurst, Mr and Mrs J and I Lawless, Mr and
Mrs M and S Broad, Mr B Nutall (rep Mrs J Nuttall), Mr and Mrs G Gowing, Mr and Mrs M Cooke, Mr A Fox, Mrs
M Barber. Mr A Kelly, Mr T Palin, Mrs V Weston, Mr S Waltho, Mrs A Bainbridge, Mr and Mrs I Washington, Mr and Mrs
I and L Woodhouse, Mr and Mrs R and A Pearson, Mr T Proctor (rep Miss H Robinson), Mrs J Hills (rep Mrs A
Lovatt), Mr and Mrs P K Thacker, Mr and Mrs R O’Reilly, Mr and Mrs R Clack, Mr and Mrs Walker, Mrs C M
Wrench (rep Mr and Mrs D Cropper), T Gresty, M Browning (rep A Browning, S and J Nadin and Charles and Mary at
The Horseshoe Inn), Mrs S Reeves, Mr P Plant (rep Mr D Plant, Mr P Hayes and Mr G Bead), Mr and Mrs R Bowyer, Mr
and Mrs M Hilditch, Mr C Clarke (rep Mrs M Clarke), Mrs M Clarke, Mrs C Redman, Mrs K Rushton, Mr and Mrs
A Winstanley, Mr and Mrs S Dale, Mrs F Boden, Mr and Mrs G Smith, Mr A Smith (rep Mr J Smith), Mrs S Holt,
Mr and Mrs R Edwards (rep Mr C Edwards), Mr and Mrs C Davies (rep Mr J Barber), Mr P Costello (rep Mrs J
Costello and Mr P Thompson), Mr and Mrs J Morris, Mr and Mrs A Howell, Mr S Bennett (rep Mrs A Bennett and
Mrs V Bennett), Mr J Beech (rep Mrs A Beech and Mr and Mrs S Hibbert), Mr P Beech (rep Mrs M Beech), Mr
M Lomas, Mrs K Wharton, Mr and Mrs S Davies, Mr and Mrs W and M Hudson, Mr and Mrs R Shackleton,
Mrs G Hewitt, Mr J Gaughan, Mr D Brain, Mr and Mrs T Woodroffe, Mr M Connor, Mr R Pownall, Mr M Jackson,
Mr and Mrs C Thompson. Mr M Beswick, Mr C Goodwin, Mr and Mrs S Whalley, Mrs S Gould, Mr D Fotheringham, Mr K Cooper (rep Mrs Cooper), Mr and Mrs A Burgess, Mr R Clack, Mr and Mrs G Firth, Mr S Dickerson, Mrs K Hassett.
Bearers were Messrs G, L, T and T Withers, D Camm and N Purves. Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, 32 West Street, Congleton, were in charge of the funeral arrangements.