Funeral of Mr N L Veit

 The funeral took place on Tuesday, 21st April, of Mr Norman Louis Veit, aged 80, who died at Macclesfield District General Hospital on 4th April. He was the widower of Mrs Mary Veit. The Rev Jeff Cuttell conducted the service and interment at Smallwood Church where Mr Len Ford was the organist for the hymns The Lord’s My Shepherd and Onward Christian Soldiers. Organ music was played on entering and leaving the church. Mourners were: Mr and Mrs M and S Lambert (nephew), Mrs S Weatherby-Boon (sister), Mr P Veit (cousin), Mr G Lambert and Mr J Lambert (great nephews); Mrs C Thompson (rep Mrs W Holland), Mrs S Brooks and Mr A Viet (nephew and nieces, latter Rep Mr G R Veit, brother), Mr C Lambert (great nephew, rep Mrs L Lambert), Mrs R France, Mrs T Black, Mrs P Christian, Mrs C Bailey, Mrs C Dixon, Miss E Lambert, Mrs I Pointon, Mr L Higginson, Mrs R Brady and Mrs S Bostock (Greengables Care Home). Mrs M Evans (rep Mr W Evans and Mrs S Hitchings), Mr S Evans (rep Mrs S Evans), Mrs K Wainwright (rep Mr K Wainwright), Mrs A Barnett (rep Mr K Barnett, Miss H Barnett and Miss E Barnett), Miss D Thompson (rep Mr R Pedley, Miss M Pedley and Miss J Pedley). Messrs John Garside and Son, Mountbatten House, Stonehouse Green, Congleton, were the funeral furnishers and supplied the bearers.