Miss KL Higgins

The funeral took place on 21st February of Miss Karen Louise Higgins, of Congleton, who died at home on 24th January, aged 51.
Mrs Julia Jones conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston was played entering the crematorium, I Wanna Dance With Somebody by Whitney Houston was played during the service and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston was played on exit.
Mourners were: Mr R Higgins (son, rep Ava), Master L Lainton (son), Miss M Pedley, Miss S Whitehurst (sister), Mr J Whitehurst, Miss R Wardle, Miss H Griffin, Mrs T Pointon (rep Steve), Ms P Wakefield (rep Carl and R Goodwin), Miss J Bratt, Miss H Thomas, Mrs J Horsley, Miss C Millington, Mr D Knapper, Mr J Wardle, Mr T Wardle, Miss L Stanway, Mr J Pedley, Mrs J Bradley.
Mourners at the crematorium included: Mrs A Goodwin (rep Mr B Goodwin), Miss LA Goodwin (rep Mr E Hopson, Miss L Mayes, Mr R White and Mrs H Richards), Mrs J Witkiss, Miss N Lees, Miss T Millington, Miss A Burton, Mr J Shufflebotham, Mrs V Murphy, Mr N Goodwin, Mr L Bennett (rep Mr J Stroud), Mr B Williams, Mrs J Irvine, Miss R Lazenby, Mrs L Cook, Mrs S Goodwin, Miss M Grindle, Miss H Grice (rep Mr Mark Buckley and Mrs S Buckley), Mr and Mrs D Deaville, Mr M Deaville.
Miss J Slater (rep Miss S Bantick), Miss A Dimler (rep Mrs B Dimler, Mr and Mrs D Dimler and Mrs R Heather), Mr J Wakefield (rep Mr P Bottomley), Mr R Radcliffe, Miss H Lapidus, Mr P Higgins, Miss D Cook, Miss Stanway (rep Mr R Henshall), Mrs G Dale, Miss L Garvey, Miss L Holdcroft (rep Mr N Whitehurst), Mrs C Smith (rep B Smith and children), Mr R Smith, Mr B Smith, Mr I Nash, Mr C Nash, Miss K Lockett, Miss L Spencer.
Miss L Leadbetter, Mr P Leadbetter, Mr M Wyatt, Mrs K Sagar (rep Simon), Miss C Sample (rep Miss K Sample), Mr and Mrs W Walker, Mr A Hancock, Miss L Broad, Miss D Layton, Mr A Wakefield (rep Mrs J Wakefield), Mr J Bayley, Mr M Buccieri, Mr D Frost, Mrs T Tallon, Mr and Mrs T Higgins, Mr A Smith, Mr C Jones, Miss L Jones, Mrs T Byram, Mrs K Davey, Mrs N Higgins (rep Mr S Higgins), Mrs H Taylor (rep Mr D Taylor), Master E Taylor (rep Mrs L Hoole), Miss T Morgan.
Miss I McGarry (rep Miss T Shone), Miss M Goodwin (rep Miss C Whitehurst, Mrs D Jupp and Mr M Tallen), Miss C Hawkins, Miss B Smart, Mr P Brindley, Mr and Mrs G Tompkinson, Mr A Poole, Mr S Frost, Miss M Frost, Mr R Williams, Mr A Radcliffe, Mrs D Ware, Miss N Hancock, Mrs A Linney, Mrs H Finneron, Mrs D Whitehead, Mrs S Strode (rep Mrs J Morris, Mr N Johnson, Mrs E Clark and M Bradley), Mr G Brown, Miss D Cooke (rep Mr T Cooke).
Mrs H Frost (rep Miss J Frost), Mrs E Rigby (rep Miss P Shawcross), Mr G Horsley, Mrs P Postles, Mr M Bailey, Mr D Shaw, Miss V Cotterill (rep Mrs A Butler), Mrs P Taylor (rep Ellie, Karen and Mrs E Hulme), Mr P Radcliffe, Mr M Bould, Mr and Mrs RA Griffiths, Miss K Shaw, Mr S Dale, Mrs J Pinder (rep Mr M Pinder), Mrs DJ Radcliffe, Mrs C Moore, Mr S Mountford, Mrs I Kalnon, Miss K Foster (rep Miss M Wright), Mr C Sprouse (rep Mr G White), Mrs K Skellern (rep Mrs A Thurnber).
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, of West Street, Congleton, were in charge of the funeral arrangements and provided bearers.