Mr AD Willis

The funeral took place on 24th February of Mr Anthony “Tony” David Willis, of Congleton, who died on 5th February at Macclesfield District General Hospital, aged 83.
Born in Manchester to Mr and Mrs Reg and Rita Willis, he was evacuated to Brereton and eventually settled in Congleton. He was the eldest of four children.
After national service in Germany, he qualified as a civil engineer.
He married Margaret in February 1960 and they had three children.
A keen cyclist, he was a lifelong member of Congleton Cycling Club, along with being a founding member of Congleton and Biddulph Lions, Congleton Talking Newspaper and a supporter of Friends of Congleton Park, among many others.
Later in life he became a grandfather and great-grandfather.
Fr William Kilkenny conducted the requiem mass at St Mary’s RC Church where Mrs Vera Barker was organist for the hymns How Great Thou Art, Guide Me Thou Great Redeemer and Walk With Me O My Lord. During the service, Eric Newton and his jazz band played Just a Closer Walk With Thee and What A Friend We Have In Jesus. On exit they played Sweet Georgia Brown.
Interment followed at Astbury.
Mourners were: Mrs M Willis (widow), Miss J Willis (daughter), Mr S Willis (son), Mrs C Willis-Brown (daughter rep Mr C Brown, son-in-law), Miss E Willis (granddaughter rep Master P Worth and Miss D Worth, great-grandchildren), Mr T Willis (grandson), Ms M Willis (sister, rep Mrs C Harper), Mr J Morais, Mr N Worth, Mr and Mrs E Arnold (rep K and C Ash, W Harper and M Gibson), Mr P Arnold.
Mourners who met at the church included: Miss M Carroll (rep Miss C Barker and Miss P Parrot), Mr and Mrs M Kitten, Mr D Morris (rep Congleton Lions), Mrs D Ramsbottom (Congleton Talking Newspaper), Mr G Tweats (rep Miss J Mason), Mr and Mrs D Castle, Mr F Copestake (rep Mrs W Copestake), Mr and Mrs R Scragg (rep Mrs M Hough, Mrs N Hodgekinson and Mr P Harding), Mr and Mrs E Smith (rep Mr and Mrs M Smith Scotland).
Mr and Mrs B Norman (rep Mr and Mrs J Lilley and Mr AR Parks), Mrs D Hurst (rep Mr and Mrs R Waghorn and Congleton Club), Mrs J Goddard (Congleton Talking Newspaper), Mr D Murphy (St Mary’s Parish Centre, rep Mrs J Myatt), Mr and Mrs D Cropper, Mrs K Hudson, Mr D Parker (Congleton Rotary Club), Mr M Wilshaw, Miss CM Higginson, Mrs V Fritzsche, Mrs S Whitehurst, Mr F Bratt, Mr and Mrs P Dale, Mr M and Mrs B Pickup (rep Mr and Mrs K Duffy), Mr and Mrs H Worth.
Mr M Broderick (president, Congleton Lions), Mr H Lacey (rep Mrs S Dale), Mr H Lacey, Mrs L Oakes, Mrs A Blackburn, Mr B Norton (rep Mrs G Norton and Congleton Cycling Club), Mr P Van Schijndel, Mrs K Stanley, Mrs C Jones (rep Mr R Whitelaw), Mrs C Moore (rep Mr S Moore and Mrs C Bythwat, CTN), Mr J Fallon (rep Mr and Mrs J Fallon), Mrs P Gibson (rep Mr R Gibson), Mr G Ratcliffe (rep Mrs S Ratcliffe), Mrs P Wiltshire (Congleton Lions).
Mrs M Wilson, Mrs P Pinto, Mrs J Morris (rep Mr and Mrs M Kay), Mr and Mrs MT Lawton (rep Mr and Mrs S Parker and Mr R Stockwell), Miss H Naughton, Mrs K Naughton, Mrs P Yearsley, Mrs P Parratt, Mr and Mrs D Cottrell, Mr and Mrs R Simpson, Mrs K Lupton (rep Mr D Lupton, Dr C Lupton, Miss S Lupton and Mrs B Hunter), Dr J and Mrs E Brooks, Mr and Mrs MA Waltho, Miss B Mottershead, Mrs J Connolly (CT Newspaper), Miss K Jefferies (rep Mrs M Hollan, CTN), Mr and Mrs J Key.
Mrs D Walker (rep Miss H Spencer and Mrs S Duffy), Mr R Lloyd Jones, Mr S Lewis, Mr and Mrs J Van Schijndel, Mrs S Biddulph, Mr G Kay, Mr A Weatherby (rep Mr and Mrs G Weatherby), Mr L Crossley, Mr and Mrs G Lake, Mr and Mrs J Atherton, Mrs A Cartwright (rep Mr PR Cartwright and Mr and Mrs C Clowes), Miss K Davies, Mr J O’Brian, Mr T Whitelaw, Mrs A Maude, Mr and Mrs U Mountford, Mr S Evans.
Miss SM Chaddock, Mrs D Chaddock, Mr F O’Donoghue (rep Mr M O’Donoghue and Mr G Nolan), Mr T Couliegian, Mr and Mrs D Rogers, Mrs White (rep Mr and Mrs T Temple), Mr DP Stoddard (rep Mrs MJ Stoddard), Mrs J Lainton, Mrs J Barker, Mr A Shore, Mrs P Gotch, Miss R Davenport (rep Mrs A Osbourne and Mrs B Bosson), Mrs H Worth, Mr C Heather (rep Mrs Heather), Mrs M Taylor, Mr and Mrs AP Willis (rep Miss R Willis), Mr and Mrs MV Dorgan, Mrs R Smith, Mrs J Bowebank (rep Heliosa Nursing Home), Mrs B Coldham.
Mr and Mrs MG Muston, Mrs P Worrall, Mr A Harrison, Mrs M Horton, Mrs C Dolan (rep Peter), Mrs J Savage (rep Miss J Manifold), Miss J Manifold (rep Miss N Wilkinson), Mr and Mrs P Banham, Mr I and Mrs J Blore, Mr R Mien (rep Mr G Dolman and Congleton Ex-Services Association), Mrs E Barber (rep Mrs G Sebire), Mr and Mrs D Vallely, Mrs M O’Connor.
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, of West Street, Congleton, were in charge of the funeral arrangements.