Mr BP Bracegirdle

The funeral took place on 6th January of Mr Brian Philip “Willie” Bracegirdle, of Smallwood, who died on 18th December, aged 69.
Mr Bracegirdle was the husband of Mrs Anita Bracegirdle and a father of four.
The funeral was conducted by the Rev Dr Jeff Cuttell at St John the Baptist’s Church, Smallwood. The hymns sung were We Plough The Fields And Scatter and Lord Of All Hopefulness.
Interment followed in Smallwood Churchyard.
Mourners were: Mrs A Bracegirdle, Mr A and Mrs K Bracegirdle, Mr S and Mrs K Bracegirdle, Mr N and Mrs E Bracegirdle, Miss N Bracegirdle and Mr A Ricketts, Mrs D Jones, Mr D and Mrs N Jones, Mr D and Mrs L Harris, Mrs M Hopper, Mr S Bracegirdle, Miss T Bracegirdle, Miss J Bracegirdle, Mr G and Mrs R Irving, Miss C Battams and Mr S Dale, Mr P Bowyer, Mr A Briscall, Mr D Briscall, Mr L and Mrs E Dyson, Mr A and Mrs J Thornhill (rep D and C Thornhill), E Swindells (rep M Connor), S Swindells (rep N and L Swindells), TJ Bracegirdle, Mrs A Carbutt (rep Mr W Carbutt).
Mr M Bracegirdle (rep J Bracegirdle, D and J Shallcross and D Barrow), Mrs L Blythe, Mr and Mrs Egerton-Taylor (rep I Egerton-Taylor), Mr K and Mrs C Turner), Mr S Buxton (rep Mr S and Mrs J Cross), Mr and Mrs R Farrall, Mr J Taylor (rep V Taylor), Mr N Blackman, Mr C Ashcroft, Mr Kevin, Linda and Callum Ricketts (rep Mr and Mrs W Charlesworth), Mr and Mrs D Hollinshead, Mrs L Parks (rep Mr A Heathcote), Mr J Ball (rep Smallwood Primary School), Mr R Bracegirdle, L Tomlinson, S Mulrooney, Mr D Jones, Mr and Mrs G Ekin, Mr H and Mrs K Hall, Mr and Mrs Andrew Luinen.
Mrs P McDonnell, Mrs C Roberts (rep L Roberts, Mrs R Strutt (rep B Strutt, A Jepson and H Ford), N Flemming, D Kay, Mr S and Mrs C Lowe (rep Mr A Lowe and Miss K Lowe), Mr J Yates (rep Mrs H Yates), Mr R Hall (rep Mrs D Hall, Mr and Mrs J Warren and Brookhouse Green Methodist Church), Mr and Mrs TJ Maddock, Y Charlesworth and Lily-May, Mr A and Mrs D Mould, Mr D Dean (rep Mrs P Dean), Mr C Johns (rep A Parr and M Fairs), Mr M White.
Mr R Pownall, Mr D Cooke (rep B and L Cooke), Mr P and Mrs G Heyworth, B Swinnerton, J Clewes, L Snape (rep A Snape), Mr A Oliver, Mr D Cain, Mr S Clarke, Mr S Blakeman (rep Mrs S Blakeman and Mr RJ and J Moore), M Lancaster, M Plant, E Maddock, Mrs S Ball (rep Mrs J Ball), M, R, H and A Sheard, C Richardson, Mr M Norbury and A Stubbs, Mr B and Mrs H Scott, Mr S Lowe, Mr P and Mrs H Tipping (rep Mr R Tipping), Mrs G Mountford (rep Mr D Mountford), Mr and Mrs P Kent.
Mrs B Billingham (rep Mr G Billingham, Mrs D Faulkner, and Mr B Faulkner), Mrs E Leese (rep Mr PA Leese), Miss K Bracegirdle (rep Mr D Wilson), Mr and Mrs John Wray, Mr I and Mrs S Evans (rep Bull’s Head, Smallwood), Mr M Washington, Mr and Mrs H Baker, Mr A Westrup (rep Mr and Mrs G Heath), Mrs A Hodgkinson, Mr B Hodgkinson, Mr D Mackenzie, Mr D Imber, Mrs D Ford, Mr P Sheard, Mr M Cooke, Mr and Mrs J Sanderson (rep Mr and Mrs J Ekin).
Mrs C Wright (rep Mr T Wright), Mr and Mrs B Bullock, H Decker, Mr A and Mrs S Blythe, N Draycott, B Bailey, A Thorley, Mr J Durber (rep J Durber), Mr R Connolly, Mr M Catchpole, Mr A Lillie, Mr M Wright (rep Hollinshead’s, Moss End Farm), L Bentley, A Woolgar, A, J, J and M Worrall, J Heathcote, Mr A Heathcote, Mr J Broad, Mr M Edwards, Mr and Mrs Thys, Mr and Mrs G Bourne, Mr J and Mrs S Knapper.
Mr R Taylor, Mr R Evans, Mr B Bailey (rep Mrs J Bailey), Mr L Imber.
The funeral arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe, of Congleton Road, Sandbach, who also supplied bearers.