Mr G Beech

The funeral service took place on 15th January at St Lawrence’s Church, Biddulph, of Mr Graham Beech, of Biddulph, aged 87, who died on 24th December, at Royal Stoke University Hospital surrounded by his family.
The Rev Keith Jones conducted the service. The music played was Welcome To My World and Moonlight And Roses by Jim Reeves. The hymns sung were Old Rugged Cross and How Great Thou Art.
Interment followed at Woodhouse Burial Ground.
Mr Beech was a husband, dad, granddad, great grandpa, brother, brother-in-law, uncle and friend.
Mourners were: Mrs M Beech (widow), Mr D Beech (son, Mr C Beech (grandson), Miss J Beech (granddaughter), Mr S Bostock, Ms L Bryson, Mr J Beech (brother), Mrs M Lancaster (sister), Mr M Lancaster, Mr T Lancaster, Mrs R Hosegood, Mr R Walker, Mr G Walker.
Mourners who met at the church included: Mr and Mrs W Moses, Mr R Moses, Mrs Y Hankey, Mrs J Hosey, Ms J Simpson, Mr and Mrs M S Dunn, Mrs P Duncan (rep (Mr J Duncan), Mr and Mrs Vawdrey, Mr and Mrs Cryer, Mr and Mrs R Wilshaw (rep Mrs R Bradley), Mr and Mrs D Slaney, Mrs N Walker, Mrs L Smith (rep Mrs P Allen), Mrs S Bowyer, Mr J Hazeldine, Mrs J Briscoe, Mr R Brundred, Mrs J Barnett, Mrs A Hill (rep Mr J Hill), Mrs J Lovatt, Mrs K Hodgkinson (rep Mr G Hodgkinson), Mr J Booth.
Mr L Price, Mr and Mr J Heath, Mr K Goodwin (rep Joan and Amber Goodwin), Miss L Boon (rep Mrs M Boon and Mr T Boon), Mrs A Stanway (rep Mr H Lawrence).
Mr and Mrs M Challinor, Mr and Mrs N Worth, Mrs R Milner, Mrs L Hurst (rep Reach For The Stars nursery), Mrs M Mitchell, Mrs A Bagnall, Mr G Bagnall, Mr R Beech (brother), Mrs A Beech (sister-in-law), Mrs N Triner, Mr and Mrs N Green, Mr E Lovatt (rep Mrs A Lovatt), Mrs N Dale (rep Mrs F Bannister, Mrs M Mills, and Mr and Mrs J Wilson), Mr and Mrs R Booth, Mrs A Machin (rep Simon, Jack and Harry), Mrs T Hayes (rep George and Martha), Mr and Mr A Dixon (rep Mr and Mrs R Dixon).
Miss M Armitt, Miss R Armitt, Mrs J Armitt, Mr and Mrs G Elms (rep Mrs B Bailey, Mr and Mrs D Stevens, Mr D Elms, Mrs M and H Simkins), Mr F Cottrell (rep Mrs J Cottrell), Mrs N steele, Mrs J Moss (rep Mr J Moss), Mrs L Dulson, Mrs J Stringer, Mrs M Hancock, Mrs A Bailey, Mr and Mrs D Jukes, Mr G Bible (rep Mrs E Bible), Mrs M Hackney, Mr and Mrs Sheldon (rep Brammers and Biddulph in Bloom), Mr D Hammond (rep Gill, Paul and Andrew), Mrs M Bailey.
Mr M Bailey, Mr and Mrs GA Smith, Miss E Hammond, Miss D Turner, Mrs and Mrs AJ Thomas, Mr M Cumberbatch, Mrs P Yates, Mrs J Yates, Miss S Foster, Mr and Mrs A Price, Mr and Mrs D Stevenson, Mrs M Boden (rep Mr G Boden), Mrs C Miceli (rep Mrs A Lovatt and Mr and Mrs R Lawton), Mr and Mrs B Walker (rep Mrs B Bailey and Mr and Mrs D Stevens).
Miss C Sharpe, Miss N Foster, Mrs Y Bostock (rep Mrs G Bostock), Mr F Speak, Mr and Mrs DA Jones.
Mr and Mrs RA Hart, Mrs S Garner, Mrs L Hughes, Mrs M Boon (rep Mr R Boon and Mrs J Holdscroft), Mr and Mrs H Armitt, Mrs L Johnson (rep Mr P Johnson and Mrs J Johnson).
The funeral arrangements and bearers were furnished by C McGough and Sons, of Biddulph.