Mr GT Moores

The funeral took place on 4th January at St Leonard’s Church, Warmingham, of Mr Graham Thomas Moores, aged 83, of Warmingham.
The service was conducted by the Rev Philip Goggin and the hymns Jerusalem and The Lord’s My Shepherd were sung.
Interment followed in St Leonard’s Churchyard.
Mourners were: Mr and Mrs D Moores, Mr and Mrs C Moores, Mr A Moores and Mr N Moores and Miss G Nicol (sons); Mr H Moores, Miss I Moores, Mr A Moores and Miss O Moores (grandchildren); Mr and Mrs Everall (sister-in-law), Mr and Mrs O Rowe, Miss A Rowe, Mr P Andrews, Mr and Mrs P Williams, Mr and Mrs S Clayton-Barker, Mrs B Walker, Mr R Elson, Mr and Mrs D Musgrave, Mr and Mrs C Pritchard, Mr and Mrs J Sutherland, Miss F Sutherland, Mr G Crockhard.
Mr G Turner, Miss C Edwards, Mr N Bowyer, Mr and Mrs C Brook, Mr and Mrs A Edwards, Mrs J Thompson, Mr P Thompson, Mrs Y Atkinson, Mrs P Wain, Mr and Mrs J Piatkiewicz, Mr and Mrs E Piatkiewicz, Mr and Mrs R Crichton, Mrs D Riley, Mrs N Machin, Mrs S Hodgkinson (Lindop), Mrs M Atkinson, Mr B Morris, Mr and Mrs C Newton, Miss S Musgrave, Mr M Platt, Mr T Willcocks, Mr C Mossford, Mr J Walker, Mr H Walker.
Miss R Walker, Mrs A Beck, Mr and Mrs A Murray, Miss S Murray, Miss L Murray, Miss M Murray, Mr and Mrs R Anthony, Mr and Mrs I Richardson, Mr and Mrs P Riley, Mr D Bowker, Mr M Machin, Mr and Mrs J Moss, Mrs C Blackburn, Mrs C Fell, Mr J Painton, Mr N Prince, Mr B Wyatt, Mr and Mrs K Bowker, Mr R Dunning, Miss A Newton, Mr and Mrs A Macfarlene, Mrs M Morning, Miss K Morning, Ms J Dot, Mr G Buckley, Mr and Mrs V Cope, Mrs H Isherwood.
Mr D Everall, Mr P Everall, Miss J Everall, Mr J Farquharson, Mr P Clarke, Mr and Mrs A Gilligan, Miss C Power, Mr M Moore, Miss I Moore, Miss L Moore, Mr and Mrs B Jarrett, Mr and Mrs A Furber, Mr R Kay, Mr and Mrs P Moss, Mrs D Emmett, Mr I Rutter, Mr and Mrs L Furber, Miss J Wain, Mr C Wain, Miss K Wain, Mr R Wain, Miss C Edwards, Mrs D Nelson, Mr and Mrs D Kew, Mr and Mrs S Ker, Mr and Mrs K Newton, Mr B Curry, Mr T Curry, Mrs S Curry, Mr S Olver, Mr C Mossford, Mr S Szczurek.
Mrs J Jarrett, Mr P Jarrett, Mr and Mrs A Crank, Miss J Plumb (rep Mr and Mrs B Plumb), Mr M Sant (rep Mrs J Sant and the Rev D Page), Dr M Olver (rep Mr and Mrs Nuttall, Mr and Mrs Daymond and Mrs A Burgess), Mrs E Richardson (rep Mr and Mrs H Jones), Mr and Mrs G Lowe (rep Mr and Mrs Emmett and Mr N Emmett), Mr and Mrs M Thompstone (rep Mr S Thompstone), Mr and Mrs E Walker (rep Mr and Mrs C Gould), Mr and Mrs K Harding (rep Mr and Mrs D Elliott), Mr and Mrs J Macfarlene (rep Mrs S Mosford).
Mr and Mrs J Richardson (rep Mr M Richardson), Mrs S Moss (rep Mrs J Peake), Mr and Mrs P Noden (rep Mrs B Whittaker and Mr and Mrs M Hopkins), Mr P Davies (rep Mr G Forster), Mrs M Norbury (rep Mr G Norbury and Mrs K Noden), Mr J Baldwin (rep Mr Bingham), Mrs S Richardson (rep Mr P Richardson), Wing Commander G Robinson (rep Col R Ayers and Col P Irving), Mrs L Edwards, Miss B Edwards and Miss H Bickerton (rep The Bear’s Paw), Mr S Moss (rep Warmingham Village Hall).
Mr and Mrs J Lewis (rep Royal British Legion), Mr G Fisher (Sandbach standard bearer), Mr G Mould (Potteries REME Association standard bearer), Mrs M Newton (chairman, Sandbach British Legion), Mr M Beaman (North Staffs PRA and Airborne Forces Association), Mr J Wills (PRA Parachute Regiment standard bearer).
The bearers were his sons, Mr C Moores, Mr D Moores, Mr A Moores and Mr N Moores.
The funeral arrangements were made by Peter Forshaw, of Sandbach.