Mr MB Lowe

The funeral took place on 3rd January of Mr Michael Bernard Lowe, who died on 13th December while on holiday, aged 39.
The Rev Dr Jeff Cuttell conducted the service at St John the Baptist’s Church, Smallwood, where Mr Trevor Maddock was organist for the hymns All Things Bright and Beautiful, One More Step Along the World and Abide With Me. The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes was played on exit.
Mr Lowe was born on 1st August, 1980. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by wife Mrs Joanne Lowe and all his friends and family.
He was the son of Christine and Bernard. He lived in Smallwood, where he grew up with his two older sisters, Julie and Helen. He was full of life and had many friends. He attended Smallwood School, Heathfield High and went on to get a degree from Loughborough University. A keen traveller, he visited many countries for work and pleasure.
In the last years of his life, Mr Lowe was focused on fundraising and raising awareness of motor neurone disease.
Mourners were: Mrs J Lowe (widow), Mr B and Mrs C Lowe (parents), Mr M and Mrs J Bracegirdle, Mr S and Mrs H Coxon (sisters and brothers-in-law), Mr M Bracegirdle, Mr D Bracegirdle, Master J Coxon, Master T Coxon, Miss M Coxon, Master W Coxon (nephews and niece), Mr J and Mrs R Brown (mother-in-law and father-in-law), Miss W Bullock (rep Mr N and Mrs T Allcock), Mr D Kelly, Mr D Moss, Mr J Whalley, Mr A Westrup, Mr I and Mrs L Booth, Mr D and Mrs D Pimlott, Mr S and Mrs C Lowe (aunts and uncles), Mr J Barnett (rep Mrs S Barnett), Mr T and Mrs L Gibson.
Miss L Gibson, Mr A and Mrs L Pimlott, Miss R Pimlott, Mr S and Mrs J Lowe, Mr A Lowe, Miss K Lowe (cousins), Mr T and Mrs M Maddock (godparents), Dr E Maddock, Mrs P Bloor, Miss V Bloor, Mr J Bee and Miss M Brown (sister and brother-in-law), Mr I and Mrs N Hughes, R Stockell (rep Smallwood Church), S Peters (rep C Johns and J Matthews), A Barton, Mr E Marshall, Mr G and Mrs J Williams, Mr J Street, H Webb, R Rodger (rep P Rodger), Mr D and Mrs C Westrup (rep M Westrup and R Honess), Mr D, Mrs H and Miss J Salter, Mr R Bracegirdle (rep E Bracegirdle), Mr M Gilsennan, Mrs S Jepsen, S Hambrook, D Nutty, A Hambrook.
Mr M Brian, Mr C Nieewezen, Mr G and Mrs S Bell (rep J Stead), Mr B Morrison (rep Penda Lodge and Mrs Morrison), Mr K and Mrs H Dyson, Mr L and Mrs E Dyson, L Socha, Mr L Martin (rep J Martin), Mr D and Mrs P Hollinshead, F Coggon, A Coggon, Mr G Coggon, Mr R Coggon, K Pooler (rep A Clare), Mr G Hyde, D Stockon, Mr P and Mrs C Sullivan (rep Mrs H Thistleton), Mrs J Manfield, Mrs J Shufflebotham, L Pamma, Mr J and Mrs H Yates (rep J Yates), Mrs L Wardlaw (rep B Wardlaw and P Wardlaw), Miss K Wardlaw, Mr J Hewitt, J Barstow, L Norris, Mr R Webb, Mr P and Mrs H Tipping (rep R Tipping).
Mr M Hawkins, Mr G Heron, Mr J and Mrs D Kinder, Mr G Nunns and A Nesh, S Nowicki (rep Hollinshead family), Mr J Millett (rep Motor Neurone Disease Association), Mrs S Lee-Saint, Mr S Huxley, D Walker (rep Home Instead Senior Care), Mr and Mrs R Armitt, Mr J and Mrs K Roach, Mr L McNeight, Mrs V Kirby (rep Mr N Kirby), Mr S Blakewell (rep Penda lodge), Mr T Hodgson, C Specht, Mr J Bradbury, Mr G Roberts, Mr J Frizzell, Mr T Frizzell, Mr R Cliff and Miss T Walters, Mr B and Mrs J Bailey, H Payne.
Mr R Craig, Mr and Mrs A Wyatt, Mr S Shepherd, Mr D Rodden, Mr J Warren (rep J Warren, B and M Moss, and Brookhouse Green Chapel), Mrs S Aitken, Mrs M Brayford, Mr H and Mrs K Hall (rep S Brady and S Higgins), Mr D and Mrs J Shallcross (rep Christopher, Liv, Andrew and Jess), Mr and Mrs G Ekin (rep Mr and Mrs G Mellor), Mrs D Ford, Mr A Jepson, Mrs H Ford, Mr A Jepson (rep D Jepson), Mr D Brain, Miss S Groves, Mrs A Kelly, Miss J Barnes.
Mr and Mrs R Hall, Mrs V Chadwick (rep Mr D Chadwick), Mr J and Mrs R Ekin (rep C Ekin), Mr R Lowe, Mr E Lowe (rep R Lowe), Mr R Dickinson (rep R Dunning and S Holland), Mr A and Mrs J Thornhill (rep Mr and Mrs D Thornhill, Mr and Mrs T Ainsworth), Miss H Davies, Mrs H Yarwood (rep Mrs D Mason), Mrs M Charlesworth, Mr T Sharp (rep Mr D Sharp), Miss S Ball, Mr A King, Mr S Gray, Mr A Sutton (rep Carrie, Fred, Roger, Pat and Greg Sutton), Mr J Vervelot (rep S Vervelot, Karen and Andrew), Mr K Shackleton.
Mrs K Howard (rep Steven, Aurora and Marcus Howard), Mr S and Mrs S Crompton, Mr A and Mrs S Fallows, Evie, Issac, Chloe and Anna, Mr D Ward (rep Mrs J Ward), Mr and Mrs Oakden, Mrs Y Bennison, Mr P O’Harro, Mrs A Hodgkinson (rep Mr and Mrs D Bowler), Mrs N Westrup, Mrs C Jones (rep P and A Jones), Mrs D Massey (rep Mr T Massey and Mr S Massey), Mr and Mrs D Kelly, Mr R and Mrs G Wait (rep G Fear), Mrs R Strutt (rep C Roberts), Mr R Bradfield, Mr M Reader, Mr and Mrs J Sanderson (rep Mr G Moore and Mrs J Sanderson-Moore), Mrs P Thornton (rep Mrs M Bostock).
Mr and Mrs MC Bracegirdle (rep Mrs DE Bracegirdle), Mr I Lewis, Mr S Cuerden, Mr G Train (rep Penda lodge), Mr D and Mrs V Pointon, Mr D Bramble, Mr K Fallows (rep K and A Fallows), Mr S and Mrs A Whalley (rep C Chatterton and Mrs R Proudlove), N Silver, G Bailey, Mr I White (rep R Lee), G Hewitt, Mr T and Mrs D Coxon, Mr M Taylor, S Williamson, G Allen, Mr J and Mrs L Cliff (rep Mr and Mrs G W Dale and Mr P Bowyer), J Donlon, Mr B Cooper, Mr R Holding, Mr G Brownhill, Mr C and Mrs C Hocknell (rep Mrs M and Mr D Hocknell).
Mr D Dowdall, Mr W and Mrs A Richardson, Mr and Mrs S Hopkins (rep G Picken), Mr A Cartlidge, Mr J Davies, J Moss, Mr J Bell, Mr and Mrs H Baker (rep P and S Baker), Mr S Blakeman (rep Mrs S Blakeman and Mr and Mrs RJ Moore), Mr A Moss (rep M Moss and Mr P and Mrs R Hollinshead), Mr P Wright, K Mutch, Mr S and Mrs J Shenton, Mr I Lees, Mr B and Mrs L Bell, Mr S Waller and Miss E Dale, Mrs L Georgiou.
Bearers were Messrs M Bracegirdle, D Bracegirdle, D Kelly, D Moss, J Whalley and A Westrup.
The funeral arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe, of Sandbach.