Mrs A Woodman

The funeral service took place on 18th February of Mrs Annette Woodman, of Congleton, who died at Macclesfield District General Hospital, on 23rd January, aged 78.
Fr William Kilkenny conducted the funeral service at St Mary’s RC Church where organist Mrs V Barker accompanied the mourners as they sang Amazing Grace, I Watch the Sunrise and Going Home.
Family mourners were: Mr P and Mrs D Pendleton (daughter and son-in-law), Mrs J Pendleton (granddaughter), Miss S Newton and Master H Newton (great-grandchildren), Mr J Woodman (son), Master J Woodman (grandson), Mr J and Mrs H Woodman (son and daughter-in-law), Mrs K Owen and Mr S and Mrs K Woodman (grandchildren), Mr C Jackson (brother), Mr M and Mrs C Jackson (nephew), Mr C Jackson and Mr G Jackson (great-nephews), Mr D Cox (cousin).
Mourners at the church included: Mrs K Bailey, Mrs M Wilshaw, Mr D Newton, Mrs F Stubbs, Mr H Rutter (rep J and D Hartshorn), Mrs E Dale (rep S Dale), Mr P Charlesworth (rep Mr B Danford and Congleton Park B/C), Mr W Reutter (rep Mrs Ruetter), Mrs D Gratton, Mr R Blench, Mr J Ward, Mrs P Morrison, Mr G Senior, Mr D Stottard (rep MJ Stottard), Mrs F Donaghue (rep Michael), Miss T Pemberton, Mr G Picken, Mr S Morrison, Mr P Brown, Mr and Mrs M Meyland, Mrs P Worrall (rep Mrs B Malloy), Mrs T Midling (rep Aquafit), Mrs E Akehurst, Mr D Vallely, Mr C Sager (rep K Sager and the Congleton CC Crib team), Mr and Mrs S Waltho, Mrs B Grisdale, Coun D Brown (rep Queen’s crib team), Mrs J Barber, Mr J Ryles (rep Mr and Mrs P Nellist), Mr and Mrs A Oakes, Mr and Mrs D Stanway, Mr and Mrs F Rowley, Mr and Mrs A Brown, Mr and Mrs SJ Herrington, Mrs B Coldham, Miss C Randal, Mr A McQueen.
Messrs John Garside and Son, of Congleton were the funeral furnishers and supplied bearers.