Mrs B Beckett

The funeral took place on 13th January at St Peter’s Church, Elworth, of Mrs Beryl Beckett, of Sandbach, who died at Westbourne Nursing Home on 13th December.
The service was conducted by the Rev David Page.
Family mourners were: Mr H Beckett (widower), Mrs J Davies and Mr N Davies and Mrs Y Cable and Mr J Cable (daughters and sons-in-law); Miss V Cable, Miss L Cable, Miss C Evans, Miss S Evans and Miss A Evans (granddaughters); Master G Jogiya (great-grandson).
Mourners who met at the church included: Mr and Mrs T Fisher, Mrs J Lester, Mr L Lancaster, Mr and Mrs P and S Adams, Mr R Davis, Mr H Davis, Mr M Entwistle, Mr A Elder, Mrs J Clay, Miss S Lancaster, Mr N Clay, Mr R Jogiya.
The funeral was arranged by Messrs John Garside and Son, of Stonehouse Green, Congleton, who also supplied bearers.