Mrs B Dodds

The funeral took place on Wednesday, 15th January of Mrs Belinda “Linda” Dodds, of Biddulph, who died at Royal Stoke University Hospital on 1st January, aged 73.
Ms Caroline Young conducted the service at Carmountside Crematorium.
Entrance music was Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi, and the reflection music Red by Daniel Merriweather. I Don’t Feel Like Dancing by the Scissor Sisters was played leaving the service.
Mourners were: Mr M and Mrs E Dodds and Mr C Dodds (sons and daughter-in-law), Miss A Dodds (daughter); Miss N Dodds, Mr A Dodds and Mr O Dodds (grandchildren); Miss L Prentiss and Miss J Prentiss (aunts), Mr C Dodds (brother-in-law), Miss J Dodds (niece), Mrs E Dodds (sister-in-law), Mr F Dodds (ex-husband), Mr and Mrs J Hammond (rep Mr and Mrs D Hammond, Mr and Mrs G Bradbury), Mrs M Bradbury (rep Mr G Bradbury), Miss T Hodson, Mr A Hodson, Miss L Eagle, Mrs T Lovatt, Mrs Y Prentiss, Miss E Chaddock, Mr and Mrs I Prentiss, Mr D Boyd, Mrs A Boyd, Mr R Boyd, Mrs H Stanway, Mrs S Turner, Mrs U Williams, Mr and Mrs J Williams, Mrs T Barker, Mr J Barker, Mrs M Shropshire, Miss J Stanway, Mrs A Elds (rep Mrs C Elds and Miss S Turner), Mrs K Dodds, Mr A Moore, Miss C Hughes, Miss L Cox, Mrs S Swift, Mrs P Taylor, Mrs M Hulme, Mrs L Green (rep Mr J Repsys), Mrs A Moreton and Charlotte.
Messrs John Garside and Son, 2, Cross Street, Biddulph, were the funeral furnishers and supplied the bearers.