Mrs EM Lomas

The funeral took place at St James the Great Church, Gawsworth on 23rd January of Mrs Ethel Marion Lomas, who died on 31st December, aged 93.
Mrs Lomas was the wife of Mr Harry Lomas and a mother of five.
The service was conducted by the Rt Rev Bishop William Pwaisiho OBE and the hymns sung were Love Divine, Amazing Grace and Thine Be the Glory.
Interment followed in the churchyard.
Mourners were: Mr M and Mrs R Lomas, Mrs E Lowe (rep Mr G Lowe and Mr A and Mrs S Bayley), Mr J and Mrs J Lomas, Mrs M Symons, Mr J and Mrs R Lomas, Mr G and Mrs J Walser, Master J Walser, Miss L Walser, Mr E and Mrs R Garnett, Mr P Lomas, Miss A Lomas, Mr M Symons, Mr J Symons, Mr J Gilman, Mr R Baker, Mr S and Mrs M Bayley, Mr A Bayley, Miss S Bayley and Mr C Hatton, Mrs C Crompton and Mr A Bebbington, Mrs S Condliffe (rep Mr P Condliffe), Mr J and Mrs A Webb (rep A Webb and C Kennerley), Mr H and Mrs J Twigg, Mrs J Thorneycroft.
J Robertson, Mr G and Mrs G Mellor, A Stevens, Mr and Mrs Tuke, A Syson, Mr and Mrs J Wheelton, Mrs P Hancock, Mr D Robinson (rep K Robinson), H Robinson, Mrs J Truman, Mr and Mrs P Winterton, E Knight, M Williams (Tag), Mr K and Mrs M Parrott, I Lomas, Mrs J Brennan (rep D Brennan), S Ward (rep Darrell, Laura and Amy), Mr J and Mrs I Nettleton (rep K and H Bancroft), Mr M Wilmot, J Heath (rep H Machin and M Heath).
Mr A and Mrs J Bradley (rep B and A Carbutt), Mr R Lomas (rep L Lomas), Mrs C Riley (rep S Riley), Mr K and Mrs C Ross, Mr S Machin (rep Davies family, Heatley), Mrs M Varga (rep B Varga), Mrs M Jennings (rep P Jennings), Mr D and Mrs J Lomas, Mr R Buckley (rep H Buckley), Mr T Darbyshire (rep Mrs S Darbyshire), Mr P and Mrs M Williams, C Bilbie, Mr A Brammer (rep Mrs M Brammer and Mrs B Hockenhull), Mr S Bradley, H Bickerton (rep M Bickerton and C Bickerton and Mr A Bickerton), Mr R Lomas (rep Ann), Mr G and Mrs A Jones.
Mrs J Aindow (rep T Aindow), A Morris, Mr D Southall, Mr R and Mrs D Lomas (rep J Lomas), Mr M and Mrs A Sutton, Mr T and Mrs P Garnett, S Harris, Mr A and Mrs H Newton, Mr J and Mrs K Baker, B Candy, Mr A Gilman (rep Mrs M Gilman), C Edwards, Mr K and Mrs J Newmann (rep Mrs FM Sims), Mr and Mrs Longden, Mr T Reed, M Monks, E Gibson, Mr J and Mrs J Davenport (rep Mr C and Mrs R Barber and Mr D and Mrs A Pye), Mr A and Mrs J Warburton (rep Mr and Mrs B Jones).
N Hutchings, Mr N Kennington, E Moores, Mr S Fearick, Mr S Rhodes, Mr B McNulty (rep Mrs McNulty and H McNulty), Mr N and Mrs A Hunt (rep M and T Birch), Mr R Sims (rep V Sims), Mrs M Barber (rep R Barber), Mr A Davenport, Mr T Heap (rep Mrs B Heap), Mrs J Parsons (rep M Parsons, R and T Hewitt, Eileen, Mary and Margaret Jackson), R and D Fowler and H and L Fowler, Mrs J Sims (rep Mr D Sims and Mr A Sims), Mr P and Mrs K Knowles.
Mr and Mrs W Lomas (rep Mrs H Lomas, Mr T and Mrs R Rees, Mr J and Mrs I Williamson, Mr D and Mrs J Stapleton and The Western Holstein Club), Miss E Jones, Mr J Brown, Mrs M Steele, Mrs A Goodier (rep Mick and Lauren), Mr B Dakin, Mrs J Startin (rep Mr J Goodwin), Mrs M Whalley, Mrs A Brazewell (rep Stevens family), Mr J Rowlinson (rep Mr R Rowlinson), Mrs W Rowlinson (rep Mr M and Mrs R Rowlinson).
The arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe Funeral Directors, of Sandbach.