Mrs G Wakefield

The funeral took place on 25th February of Mrs Gwendoline “Gwen” Wakefield, of Congleton, who died on 4th February at Bradwell Court Nursing Home, aged 88.
Mrs Wakefield was born on 15th September, 1931 to Mr and Mrs George and Gladys Morris in Stanley near Endon. She was the second youngest of eight children. She attended primary School in Endon and then Endon High.
From school she went to work in Lewis’s in Hanley and during this time she met and married Mr Ronald Wakefield. When their daughter Beverley was born, Mrs Wakefield stayed at home to look after her. At this time they lived in Scholar Green, but moved to Congleton around 2005 to be closer to their family.
Mr and Mrs Wakefield had two grandsons and three great-grandsons.
The couple enjoyed the outdoors and loved to travel, France and Cyprus being their favourite places to visit. They were valued members of the Cheshire Caravan Club and would spend many weekends away, enjoying good times and making new friends.
Mrs Wakefield was an avid collector and also a keen gardener.
The Rev Lesley Murray conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where the hymn Amazing Grace was sung.
Mourners were: Mr R Wakefield, Mr L Withers, Mrs K Withers, Mr T Withers, Ms C Evans, Master C Withers, Master E Withers, Master S Evans, Mr L Jackson, Mrs P Withers, Mrs S Bentley.
Mourners who met at the crematorium included: Mr and Mrs G Withers, Mr and Mrs JC Withers, Mr and Mrs R Bowyer, Mrs C James (rep D, D and J Povey and Mrs D Ward), Mr and Mrs J Whittaker, Mr and Mrs T Whittaker, Mr K Oakes, Mrs W Campbell (rep Mr A Campbell), Mrs H Kelly, Mr C Stanley, Mr G and Mrs M Stanley (rep Beth), Mrs K McIntyre (rep Mr and Mrs B and J Banks, Mr J Banks), Mrs D Withers (rep Mr C Withers and Mr and Mrs J and K Beardmore), Mr A and Mrs C Mayers, Mr P Dale, Mrs I Dale, Mr M Dale, Mr K and Mrs S Craddock, Mr M Groves, Mrs L Groves, Mrs S Jones (rep Mr N Wood), Mr G Oliver, Mr S Sanderson (rep Mr K Lawton), Mr M and Mrs C Whittaker, Mr C and Mrs J Wakefield, Mr N Wakefield, Mr A and Mrs J Hill, Mr P and Mrs D Brown, Mr T and Mrs A Morris (rep Aidan).
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, of West Street, Congleton, were in charge of the funeral arrangements.