Mrs K Bould

The funeral service and cremation took place on 29th January of Mrs Kathleen Bould, who died at home on 7th January, aged 79.
Funeral celebrant Caroline Young officiated at the service at Bradwell Crematorium where Take Me Home Kathleen by Bing Crosby played on entry. Angels by Robbie Williams accompanied the cortege as it left the chapel.
Mourners at the house were: Mr N Bould (widower), Mr N Bould and Mr G Bould (sons), Mrs C Bould and Mrs G Bould (daughters-in-law). Mr N Bould, Mrs L Bould, Mr B Bould, Mrs N Bould, Miss A Bould and Miss R Bould (grandchildren). Mr T Winship.
Mourners at the chapel included: Mr A Bould (grandson), Miss S Gloyne, Mrs L Bould (sister-in-law, rep Mr S Bould, Miss C Bould and Mr P Bould, nephews and niece), Mr and Mrs C and R Davies, Mr G Billinge (rep Beth and Roy and Carol Davies), Mr Wrench, Mrs D Price, Mr W Webb (rep Mrs J Osborne), Mr and Mrs G and J Perry, Mr J Hancock (rep Mrs D Hancock), Mr and Mrs D and P Oakden, Mr and Mrs Quinn (niece), Mrs L Cooney, Mr and Mrs A and P Farrar, Mrs A Page, Mrs K Brown (rep Roaring Meg), Mr K Harding, Mrs Y Mountford, Mrs A Message, Mr and Mrs M and S Wyatt, Mrs M Bannister, Mrs C Beardmore, Mrs L Dylson, Mr and Mrs B and B Lewis, Mr and Mrs P and B Pellington, Mr and Mrs A and L Armitt (niece), Mr and Mrs C Beech, Miss H Drumm, Mrs S Johnson (niece), Miss L Johnson, Mr I Brown (nephew), Mrs S Winship, Mrs A Carter, Mr D Carter, Mrs P Tomlinson, Mr M Bailey, Mr and Mrs N and B Ball, Mrs E Deville (niece), Mrs J Byrne, Mr N Bould (nephew), Mr E Bould (brother-in-law), Mrs C Bould (sister-in-law), Mrs W Caruso (great-niece), Mrs K Lewis, Mr D Howard, Miss S Jones (niece), Mr A Dale, Miss H Jones (niece), Mrs N Jones (sister-in-law), Ms L Bould, Mrs M Brown (sister), Mr P Brown (nephew), Mrs M and T Worthington, Mr and Mrs J Wright (rep B Wright).
The funeral arrangements were made by Dolven Funeral Services, of Biddulph, who also supplied bearers.