Mrs LJ Cotton

The funeral took place on Wednesday, 18th December, of Mrs Lesley Jean Cotton, aged 55, of Congleton, who died on 1st December at Greengables Nursing Home.
She was a very creative person and a free spirit. Her hobbies and interests reflected this, and she created a Facebook page called Well Fancy That, full of craft and DIY ideas, things she loved to do. She loved to sing and dance, read and write poetry/lyrics and was a wonderful cook.
She was a social butterfly and could apply herself to any group of people and any social occasion. She was always well loved, well received and the life of any party thanks to her wicked sense of humour. She is very missed and much loved. 
Mrs Margaret Lillis conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where In My Life was played entering the crematorium. Everyone’s Talking At Me was played during the service and Forever Autumn was played leaving the crematorium.
Mourners were: Mr G Underhill, Mr M Brindley, Mr A Hueze, Miss D Brindley, Miss K Knight, Miss S Knight, Mr D Brindley-Knight, Mr S Walton, Miss C Swanson, Miss L Phillips, Mr B Taylor, Mr J Brindley-Allen, Mrs E Brindley-Allen, Mr D Stanway, Mrs R Brindley, Mr J Leese.
Mourners who met at the crematorium included: Miss A Wright, Mrs M Hall, Mr J Hallatt, Mr D Wingate, Mr J Leese, Mr A Noel, Miss D Price, Mrs K Price, Mrs R Brindley, Mr M Frost, Mr T Charles, Mrs D Williams, Miss B Beard, Mr A Crozier, Mrs M Murphy, Mr I Murphy, Mr R Rough, Mrs C Brownsill, Mr P Copestick, Mrs F Copestick, Miss S Maynard.
Mr D Vickers, Miss J Blake, Miss S Bursnull, Miss S Amery, Mr and Mrs DN Stanway, Mr T White, Miss M Christenson, Miss K Jones, Miss A Tong, Mr E Hewitt, Mrs I Hewitt, Miss P Watson, Mr S Wright.
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, 32, West Street, Congleton, were in charge of funeral arrangements and provided bearers.