Mrs PM Spencer

The funeral took place on Friday, 28th February of Mrs Pamela Mary Spencer, aged 73, of Congleton, who died at Macclesfield District General Hospital on 25th January. 
Mrs Spencer met her husband at a Halloween dance at the University of Birmingham. She worked as a medical secretary and later in the patents office at ICI. 
She was a past member of Congleton Choral Society and a member of U3A, with interests in music appreciation, philosophy and the book club. 
She liked television dramas and history documentaries, and reading historical works, non-fiction and crime novels.
Father William Kilkenny conducted the requiem mass at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, where Mrs Vera Barker was the organist for the hymns.
Mourners were: Prof Ralph Spencer (widower), Mr G Spencer (son), Mrs A Irving-Bell and Dr Eleanor Moran (daughters).
Mourners who met at the church included: Mr and Mrs DL Delf, Mrs D Ramsbottom (Congleton Ladies Probus 2), Mrs L Bott, Mrs R Nuttall (rep Mr J Nuttall), Mrs H Delaney, Mrs P Stanway, Miss A Spencer, Mr E Spencer, Miss C Marchington, Mrs S Morris, Mr and Mrs Bonnett, Dr J Bray, Mrs J Myatt (FIR Club), Mr and Mrs SS Stuart, Mr and Mrs DM Streather, Prof R Lucas, Prof and Mrs IP Browne, Prof A Lyne, Mr R Hackett, Mr M Williams, Mr N Price (chair, Probus Club Congleton and District), Mrs P Price, Mrs M Entwistle (Congleton Ladies Probus 2), Mr and Mrs DW Boothroyd, Mrs K Stanley, Dr T Huxlow, Mrs C Cunningham, Miss A Moran, Mr R Culm, Mr and Mrs Langstone, Miss B Porter, Ms D Hibbert, Mrs V Johnston, Mr N Ramsbotham, Mr M McKevitee, Dr D Stannard, Mr I Watson (Probus).
Mr G Moran, Miss M Carroll, Mr N Beecroft, Prof I and J Morrison, Mrs J Walsh, Dr V Spencer, Mr D Cowey, Ms R Marchington, Mr J Marchington, Mrs J Eaton, Mr D Murphy, Mr and Mrs R Thurley (rep A Thurley, Mrs Y Argent, Mrs R Davidson and Mrs R Jevons), Dr P Thomason, Mr S Ellwood (U3A Group 2), Mr A Crew, Prof A Pedlar (rep Mrs P Pedlar), Mr J and Mrs L Holmes, Mr D Bell, Mr J Flynn, Mr and Mrs MJ Buckley, Prof and Mrs PA Wilkinson, Mrs A Evans (rep Mr P Evans), Mr J Moran, Mr PJ Moran, Mrs R Moran, Mr D Aldcroft (Congleton District Probus), Mr and Mrs JB Banks, Mr and Mrs JA Gauld, Mr T Thomson, Mr R Grayson (rep Mrs R Grayson), Mrs B Flynn, Mr and Mrs P Banham, Mr and Mrs P Farmer, Mrs B Almond, Miss J Thurley, Mrs L King, Mr and Mrs M and C Negus, Prof R Schilizzi, Mrs P Hamriding, Mr C Hamriding, Mr A Willis, Mrs R Gradwell.
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, 32, West Street, Congleton, were in charge of funeral arrangements.