Mrs RJ Frost

The funeral took place on 26th February of Mrs Rachel Jane Frost, of Congleton, who died at her parents’ home on 30th January, aged 44.
Mrs Frost was born in Dunstable in 1975. She moved with her family to Congleton in 1977, aged two. She attended Astbury Primary School then Congleton High School.
She loved animals, her cat Suzie when young, horse Peardrop at age 12 and Labradoodle Ruby.
Her son Jay was born in 1998 and in now studying at Coventry University.
Mrs Frost worked at Macclesfield District General Hospital in pathology, then at Styal Prison as an admin clerk, then Cheshire Without Abuse.
She loved holidaying, especially in Turkey, which she made home for a while. Her travel highlight was a trip to Borneo to visit orangutans in the wild. 
Mrs Lindis Pattison-Tadman conducted the service and cremation at Macclesfield Crematorium where Iris by Goo Goo Dolls was played entering the crematorium. Cheerleader by OMI and Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Kamakwiwo’ole were played during the service. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran was played on exit.
Mourners were: Mr M Frost (widower), Mr J McAleer (son), Mr P McAleer (dad), Mrs B McAleer (mum), Mr J Dolman (brother), Mrs A Dolman (sister-in-law), Mr E Dolman (nephew), Miss J Frost and Miss D Frost (step-daughters), Mr T Frost and Mr H Frost (step-sons), Mrs L Or, Mrs H McGee, Mr I Owen, Mr I and Mrs V Ormiston (godparents), Mrs B McAleer (auntie), Mr D Collinson (uncle), Mr S Wilkinson (cousin), Mr S and Mrs L O’Riely, Mr K Wattley, Mr S Finlay and Miss S Fowell, Mrs K Richardson, Mr R Fowell, Mrs J Cholerton.
Mourners who met at the crematorium included: Miss C Hawkins, Miss B Smart, Mr C Burgess, Mr M Cope, Miss V Burgess (rep Mrs V Wood), Miss H Frost (rep Mr and Mrs N Monk), Miss G Mosely, Miss G Sumnall, Miss M Potts, Miss J Warrington.
Miss M Brookes, Mr S Reader, Mr S Cripps, Mrs M Gielson, Mrs R Olsen, Mr M Olsen, Miss C Hitchins (rep Mr F Hitchins), Mr J Eardley, Mr J Garside, Mr E Hassall, Mr and Mrs R Steele, Mrs A Stanyer, Miss K Martin, Mrs E Marlow-Ellis, Mrs T Lawrence, Mrs L Davies, Miss J Etherington, Mr D Storrs, Mr D and Mrs S Byram (rep Mr and Mrs D Oakes), Mr H Frost (uncle), Mrs M Frost (aunty), Mr and Mrs S Smith, Mr M Smith, Mr S Bilsborough (rep Mrs L Bilsborough).
Mr S Mountford, Mr C Davey, Mr M Roach, Mr D Hargreaves, Mrs J Hills, Mr A Booth, Mr and Mrs R Hassall, Mrs L Bailey, Mr G Farron, Mr B Bostock, Miss A Butler, Mrs L Frost, Mr B Frost, Mrs C Frost, Mr and Mrs W Simpson (rep Mr and Mrs G Hulme-Clark), Mr and Mrs S Goodwin, Mr B and Mrs G Jervis, Mrs L Green, Miss K Green, Mrs W Brown, Mrs E Eden, Mr R Eden, Mr B Wong, Mr C and Mrs N Hamand, Ms K Watkinson, Mr D Birch, Mrs K Richmond, Mr R Fowell.
Mrs L Tweats (rep Mr R Tweats), Mr J Butler, Miss R Butler, Mrs A Butler, Miss L Frost, Mr T Brown, Miss L Barry, Miss M Brown, Mrs C Johnson, Mrs S Phillips-Jones, Mrs H Jones (rep Mr T Jones), Mr A Jukes, Mrs N Young (rep Mrs C Firth), Mr and Mrs J Tiffney, Mr P Brindley, Mrs S Brightwell, Mr A Thompson, Mrs A Lancaster (rep Mr N Lancaster), Mrs P Copeland (rep Mr R Copeland and Mr and Mrs D Edwards), Mr and Mrs S Heath (rep Mr and Mrs P and B Avery and Mr and Mrs J Heath).
Mr F Heath, Mrs P Lightburn-Ritchie, Miss J Hopkins, Miss R Halewood, Mr R Mellor, Miss L Wright (rep Mr S Wright), Mrs J Buckley, Mr M Pass, Mrs L Edwards, Mrs D Layton, Mr and Mrs P Lightfoot, Mr and Mrs A Simpson, Mr and Mrs R Browning, Mr and Mrs P Wikinson (rep Mr V Iyar), Miss S Howell, Mr R Hughes, Mr P Marsh, Mr N Fraser, Miss K Hancock, Mr S Knowles, Mrs J Shatwell, Miss A Shatwell, Mrs C Wainwright (rep Mr S Wainwright and Mr M Wainwright), Mrs J Bailey.
Mrs M Eaton, Mrs C Morris, Mr D Frost, Mr J Beckett, Mr P Jepson, Mrs A Mole, Mr C Bould, Mrs S Connolly (rep Stephen and Paula), Mrs S Owen, Mr P Owen, Mr E Owen, Miss L Gallagher.
Mr and Mrs J Davies, Miss D Thompson (rep Mr R Pedley), Mrs T Turner, Miss R Thompson, Mr and Mrs A Farron (rep Mr and Mrs M Pass), Mr and Mrs M Smith, Mrs K Mellor (rep Miss L Deconmick, Mr G Mellor, Mr N Kielly, Miss R Davies, Mr M Machin, Mr and Mrs K Prior, Mr and Mrs A Roberts, Mrs L Pemberton, Mr P Wheat, Mrs M Scholes, Mrs P Newman (rep Mr A Newman), Mr and Mrs M Green, Mr and Mrs N Green, Mr A and Mrs J Carpenter), Mr N Green, Mrs C Green, Mr and Mrs AC Pointon (with Rachel’s dog Ruby, rep Harding family).
Mrs B Wrighton (rep Mrs B Long), Mrs V Sail, Mrs V Coates, Mr R Parry, Mrs P Gleeson, Mrs I Gleeson, Miss L O’Reilly, Mr K Wattley, Mr D and Mrs L Dale, Miss A Jepson (rep Miss S Smith), Mrs J Griffin, Miss M Beckett, Miss S Beckett, Mr and Mrs JL Burrows, Mr P Bowers, Ms B McAleer, Mr D Collison, Mrs S Wilkinson, Mrs J Charlton (rep Mr E Chorlton, Mrs E Chorlton-Perry, Mr J Chorlton and Mrs M Speak), Mrs R Barlow (rep Mrs J Barlow), Miss N Barret.
Mr I and Mrs V Ormiston, Miss S Holmes, Mrs J Purdham (rep Mr S Purdham, and Emmile and the Tangent Club), Mrs J Bland, Mr M Harvey, Mrs C Court.
Bearers were Messrs J McAleer, E Dolman, and H and T Frost.
Messrs Alan Finneron Funeral Directors, of West Street, Congleton, were in charge of the funeral arrangements.