Mrs TC Evans

The funeral took place on 28th January of Mrs Teresa Catherine “Tess” Evans, of Sandbach and formerly Hassall Green, who died on 14th January, aged 83.
Mrs Evans was the widow of Mr Eric Evans and a mum of four.
The Rev Anthony Ford conducted the funeral at Vale Royal Crematorium. The hymns sung were How Great Thou Art and The Lord’s My Shepherd.
Mourners were: Mr J and Mrs B Neale, Mrs J Sample and Mr G Bartles, Mr G and Mrs R Sample, Mr N and Mrs S Sample, Mr J and Mrs W Bowyer, Master Z Bowyer, Miss E Bowyer, Miss J Bowyer and Mr D Alexander, Miss T Sample, Mr J Sample, Miss L Sample, Miss S Sample, Mr K Sample and Miss A Evans, Mr S and Mrs N Brammeld, Mr M Sample and Miss K Pass, Miss H Sample and Mr G Flanders, Ms C Glover, Mrs B Wooliscroft.
Mr D Machin (rep Mrs S Machin), Mr M Machin, Miss K Machin and Mr D Thomas, Mrs V Henson, Miss K Sample, Ms C Sample, Miss A Shuttleworth, Miss K Sample, Mr F and Mrs J Bowden, Mr S Bowden, Mr J Neale and Mr A Crane, Mrs V Spacey, Miss K Spacey, Mr R Sample, Mr G Neale, Mrs D Kelly, Mr and Mrs D Dean, Mrs J Gibson, Mr and Mrs Bowden, Mr S Bowden, Mr and Mrs J Perez-Garcia, Mr J Garcia, Mr D Garcia, Mrs D Moore, Mrs S Parkinson, Mrs A Clewes.
Mr A and Mrs T Sparrow, S Cassidy, Mrs Lee, Mr B Lee, Mr D Bowyer, Mr K Hodgkinson, Mrs P Robinson, K Shirley, Mr D and Mrs Z Sample, G McGirr (rep Rawlinson family), V McGirr (rep John and Jessica), Mrs Harding, K Sample, Mr B and Mrs M Beeston, J Holden, Mr M and Mrs S Sample (rep Mr B and Mrs J Sample), Mr G and Mrs K Rathbone, K Taylor, G Savigar, Mr J and Mrs L Miles, L Miles, Mr T Hodge, Mr P and Mrs J Bowden, Mr M and Mrs Z McGrath, Mr Whitfield.
M Bowden, Mr P Tomlinson and Mrs K Bowden, Mr R and Mrs A Pass, Mr and Mrs Summerville, Mr G and Mrs J Bourne (rep Mrs K Buckley), Mr A and Mrs J Proudlove, Mr J Bowden, Mr M Bowden, Mr R Hughes, Mr Finn, Mr D and Mrs C Bartles, Mr M Gallaway and Mrs D Bowden, Mr R Austin.
The funeral arrangements were made by Williams and Lowe Funeral Directors, of Congleton Road, Sandbach.