Mrs VL Brew

The funeral took place on 9th December of Mrs Veronica Lesley Brew, of Knypersley, who died at Douglas Macmillan Hospice on 25th November, aged 74.
The Rev Darren Fraser conducted the service at St John’s Church, Knypersley where the hymns Just As I Am, Faithful One and Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) were sung. The Lord’s My Shepherd played on entering the service and Always On My Mind was played on exit.
Mourners from the house were: Mr and Mrs S and L Bailey (daughter and son-in-law), Mr S Brew and Mrs K Saunders (son and partner), Mr D and Mrs M Brew (son and daughter-in-law), Miss J Brew, Miss S Bailey, Miss L Bailey, Miss L Brew, Miss K Shaw and Mrs K and Mr P Brookes (granddaughters).
Mr D Forrester, Mr C Brown, Mrs B Brown, Mrs C Green (sister-in-law), Mrs J Elliott (niece), Mr B Roden (cousin, rep Mrs H and Mr C Roden).
Mourners at the church included: Mr T Graham (brother-in-law), Miss J Lisham, Mr A Knapper, Mrs T Brew, Miss H Walker, Mrs B Holding, Mrs J Osypiw (rep Beth), Mr and Mrs T and M Lewis (rep Miss W Lewis), Mrs C Day, Mrs P Kent, Mrs M Hancock, Mrs B Dorrington, Mrs H Roberts, Mrs C Mountford, Mrs E Povey, Mrs A Baskerfield, Miss A Armitt, Mr R Bailey, Mrs R Bailey, Mr C Barry (rep Mrs S Barry and Mrs C Barry), Mrs J Hall (rep David, James and Lydia).
Mr R Brown (rep Lucy), Mr G Smith, Mrs J Dutton, Mrs K Oldfield, Mrs B Edgington, Mrs P Robins (rep Swift family), Mr and Mrs J and B Kowalkowski, Mrs N Gibson, Mr and Mrs D and C Copeland, Mr and Mrs M Cumberbatch, Miss J Lishman, Mrs V Gyuleva, Mrs A Walker (rep Christ Church, Biddulph Moor), Mr and Mrs C Mann, Mrs S Billings, Mrs S Winship, Mr and Mrs L and M Peers, Mrs B Dwyne, Mr L Slater, Mrs L Hancock, Mrs S Walker, Mr and Mrs A Woodroffe (rep P Brindley).
Mr G Knapper (rep Mrs W Knapper), Mr M Smith, Mrs R Lea (rep Mr M Lea), Mrs C Knight, Mr G Knight, Mrs M Fowracre, Mrs A Nicklin and Mrs P Ellis (rep Hanley Baptist Church), Mrs A Argent, Mr and Mrs D and E Aartse-Tuyn, Mr and Mrs G and J Snll, Mrs S Dowd, Mr and Mrs J and L Bloor, Mrs M Bailey, Mr and Mrs H and D Burgess, Mrs C Hurst, Mrs M Ward, Mr C Ward, Mrs J Fox, Mrs L Pace, Mrs E Jones, Mr and Mrs JS and V Bloor, Mrs P Gilman (rep Mr C Gilman).
Mr J Gilman (rep Mrs C Grant), Mrs E Swetnam, Mrs A Shepherd (rep Mrs N Triner), Miss R Armitt, Mrs A Myatt, Mrs D Wyatt (rep Mr A Wyatt), Mrs M Bailey, Mr and Mrs J and S Boone, Mrs A Williams, Mrs J Armitt, Mrs K Stockton (rep Mr G Stockton, Alison and Sarah), Mrs S Hulme, Mrs M Ellis (rep Rev S Orme), Mr E Foulkes and Mrs C Sheldon, Mrs Y Talbot, Mr and Mrs A and J Smith, Mrs P Moore, Mr and Mrs J and A Gibson, Mr A Fryer, Mrs F Taylor (rep Moorlands Home Link, Biddulph group), Mr and Mrs J and J Wilson, Mrs K Freeman, Mr and Mrs J Mountford, Mrs T Hall (rep the Rev J Green), Mrs C Hollinshead, Mrs A Brew, Mr and Mrs B and J Kowalkowski, Mrs J Gyuleva, Mrs L Hill, Mrs H Kennedy, Miss N Dicks, Mrs G Johnson, Mrs H Shutt.
Mrs N Brookes, Mr and Mrs J Mountford, Mr and Mrs M Cumberbatch, Mrs L Olender.
Messrs John Garside and Son, of Cross Street, Biddulph, were the funeral furnishers and supplied bearers.