A Simple Soul....11th April, 2019

POLICE: I must say I was amazed at our PM’s response when asked about cuts to the police force, and the need for more officers in the wake of rising crime (which the Tories choose to deny) and the recent stabbings. She said that they are putting more funding into policing this year and more next year. Now this may be true, but if you take into account the money they would have had to have found if all those officers had not been lost, they have actually made a huge saving. It seems they can find money to give to a few Irish MPs while the rest of us have to suffer rising crime, which will only get worse unless more police officers are recruited.
ANTS: I found ants in the hallway. They are about early this year — beware. Despatched with ant powder and a Hoover. Could have been an early scouting party.

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