A Simple Soul....20th February, 2020

CADDIES: Much has been in the local news regarding Cheshire Easts’s new food waste caddies. Some residents are in favour, others point out they are a waste of money, as you can put food waste directly into the garden waste bins. The council has said that it will not collect from individual caddies but it seems lots of residents who do not have garden waste bins are still being provided with a caddy. Even properties whose gardens are maintained by housing associations are being given bins, but hardly any of these tenants will have a garden waste bin. Maybe a bit more thought should have been given as to who actually has a use for a caddy? Watch out for some up for sale on eBay.
CARS: Recent reports highlight that new car sales are falling. Various reasons are being given for this — economic uncertainty, Brexit and the usual doom and gloom. What it seems no one has said is that cars today are much better built, much more reliable, and car bodies don’t rust any more. So maybe new car sales are down because people are hanging on to their cars for longer than they did years ago.
MORE CARS: Boris from Number 10 is now telling us that sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2035. It won’t make much difference to me as I may not be around, and if I am, I probably won’t be driving. I might be doing my bit by having an electric scooter. I note Boris made no mention of larger vehicles such as trucks, diggers etc. It seems these will still continue to be diesel powered and no doubt there will be more of them involved in building more runways, railways, houses and roads. No mention of aircraft or the huge cost of getting enough charging points set up. If this goes ahead, will many petrol stations close, or will these be set up as charging points? But if you call in to charge your car, surely there will be long queues as it will take a lot longer that sticking a few gallons of petrol/diesel in the tank? No doubt all this will be costed out but by the time it all gets sorted the costs will have doubled or trebled. I note no one has mentioned the cost of charging your car or the cost of recycling all the expired batteries. Can we generate enough electricity to satisfy the demand? Methinks we need to start planning now and not plod along like we usually seem to do.
SMALLER: Everything these days seems to be getting smaller (Mrs Simple Soul is sniggering) with the exception of tellies. What made me realise this was all the chocolates I was bought over Christmas. I’m slowly munching my way through them and last week opened a tin of a well-known brand of chocs known for their Quality. Not only were the chocolates smaller, there were fewer in the tin, which in my youth always appeared to be overflowing. When you see them on sale next Christmas at what seems a bargain price, think again — you are actually getting less for your dosh.
HEADERS: Should there be a ban on heading a football? This seems to be in the news recently as some believe constant heading a football could cause dementia. This may have been true in the past but today’s footballs are much lighter than they were in my playing days. Some of you may recall the old leather case balls which were like a lump of lead and even heavier when wet. No bending or swerving those things. I realised at an early age not to head the old case balls after I headed the lace part, which left a mark on my forehead for six months after. For younger readers, the old leather balls had a bladder insert, which you inflated with a bike pump. The neck part of the bladder had to be folded over and tied and then tucked into the ball and finally the lace tightened. When you’d done all that, you were often too knackered to play.
DOG: When I depart this world, and if there is any after life, I would like to come back as a dog. We have a throw on our settee, and the dog has decided it’s a good place to lie down. Mrs Simple Soul wanted to change the throw the other day, but wouldn’t do it as the dog was fast asleep on it. Now, if I’d have been sitting there having a nap…
NOT RIGHT? I remarked in my last musings that Mrs Simple Soul had been watching a programme about the world’s poshest hotels, where it costs thousands of pounds for a one-night stay. “Funny Money” as my dad would have said. There then followed a series of appeals (adverts) asking for £2 and £3 monthly donations for everything from supporting wildlife, children in third world countries, cancer, water supplies etc. Does this not make you think that something is not quite right in this world?