A Simple Soul....6th June, 2019

GONE: So Theresa from Number 10 has finally called it a day, no doubt pushed by those who voted that they had every confidence in her a few months ago and are now paying her glowing tributes. Politicians seem to be a two-faced lot, rather like the chairman of footy clubs — “We have every confidence in our manager” and then sack him a couple of weeks later. It seems whoever wrote her farewell speech forgot to point out all the damage she and her chums had done, it was just all the good — which, after speaking to Big Nige and my mates down the pub, seemed to be very little. She still insists she worked for us all and not just the privileged few. Really? She spoke about compromise, but always seemed to do things her way and not to listen. A big worry is who will replace her? Not a very good lot to choose from. The Tories seem to have given us the two worst PMs in recent times, so will they be going for a hat trick? Watch out for all the big ego players to be spending lots of time on the old telly in the next few weeks. Note that at the end of her speech, Theresa once again never even said “thank you” but just turned and walked away. Those tears she shed at the end were, I feel, for herself rather than any regret for the millions she and her chums had let down. Those who had been driven to tears and much worse.

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