A call to arms to save Moody Hall

Dear Sir, — Elizabeth’s Group has been working very hard for our Elizabeth’s Trail, which we hope to launch on Elizabeth’s Day, 2nd May. 
On that day we will be unveiling four plaques at sites on the trail that are of particular interest in Elizabeth’s story. One of the sites however, is causing us some problems and not a little concern.
Moody Hall, also known as Chapel Brook House, on Moody Street is the building that housed Elizabeth’s girls’ school and is therefore an important part of Elizabeth’s story and our trail. 
Today that building is in a sorry state. 
It has been empty now for a good many years, since the care home closed down, and is boarded up and derelict. 
We have been told by Congleton Town Council that the building was purchased by a developer some time ago, and although planning permission is in place (19/0401c) to change the interior of the building to flats, nothing appears to be happening. 
The planning permission from Cheshire East contains conditions that the special character, architectural interest and integrity of the listed building is preserved. 
The building has been the subject of a number of conversations at the town council’s anti-social behaviour working group and subject to visits by Cheshire East environmental health due to its poor condition. 
We at Elizabeth Group suspect that this wonderful building is destined for the same fate as some other buildings in the town centre, ie left to decay to such a state that it becomes dangerous or simply falls down so that the developer can do what they like on the land.
We cannot let this happen to yet another of our wonderful buildings, particularly this one that has this link with Elizabeth. Just think what a brilliant heritage centre it would make, it could house our museum and would be a great site for our statue?
I would like to put out a call to arms to save Moody Hall.
Please don’t let us have another Bradshaw House debacle. — Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth’s Group.
(Submitted photographs).