A downside to the good weather 

Dear Sir, — How great that the good weather continues, with the occasional day of rainfall — good for the gardens — but of course, there always has to be a downside to most things, and in this case it is that the long hot spells are creating problems for a lot of people, mainly the very young and elderly. 
This is now beginning to result in a strain on our health service, so we are being encouraged to try to keep an eye on our families, friends and neighbours to ensure if help is needed it can be provided. As ever, if you think I can assist please let me know. 
The other aspect of this weather pattern is that we try to keep the air in our homes circulating as much as possible, hence windows and doors left open, but please be aware there are those bad folk who are looking for any opportunity to sneak in and relieve us of our possessions.
Council meetings have been taking place, and while I did miss two town council meetings early last week, I have been brought up to date, and I know we can rely on the Chronicle reporter keeping us informed of important issues as they arise because their attendance at the meetings is constant.
Speaking of which, on Friday last week there was a meeting called of the 93 bus route committee when more important progress was made, and all that we are now awaiting is the go-ahead from the two groups involved and then your town council will make an announcement in the Press.
I attended a full district council meeting last week when the business of the day was concluded quite quickly, the main topic being councillors’ remuneration, and after a short debate it was agreed that the annual basic salary paid to councillors should remain the same as it has been for the last 10 years, which means we are still the lowest paid councillors in the north, but I should add, still some of the hardest working.
From the county council I have some news items which may be of interest.
Firstly the new Early Help model that supports children and families in Staffordshire will roll out in the Moorlands on 6th August, and from that date the way referrals are made will be different. 
All new three tier referrals will be via a single countywide front door, managed by a first response team which can be contacted on 0800 1313126 or by completing the new web-based enquiry form where access to the Early Help assessment documents and other supporting information, including the family outcome star, is available. 
If you have questions or need some guidance, please contact your dedicated local support officer.
The other news from Staffordshire county council is that the 10-year plan to create thousands of jobs and create better paid employment across the county is really paying off. Since 2014 the county council has been involved in economy-boosting business development and infrastructure projects with a total of more than £400m invested; 6,650 of the planned 19,000 new jobs have already been created through the infrastructure developments and a focus on bolstering new businesses, and we are still the second lowest council taxed county in the West Midlands.
Also good to hear that is that a number of the long standing pothole problems have been seen to, but I still ask if you know of any still outstanding please let me know, and I will give the authorities yet another nudge to hopefully get them sorted.
Last Saturday Kay and I made our first visit to this year’s Biddulph Churches Together Open Cafe, and of course, it was no surprise to see that the selection of home-made cakes and pastries were as good as ever and oh boy what a choice! As we enjoyed our drinks and cakes we looked on the amazing spectacle that is another huge part of Biddulph Festival — Biddulph By The Sea. 
I am sure that the organisers were thrilled to see so many families together having a really wonderful time, and I cannot imagine there is another town in the land so far away from the seaside, managing to create such an amazing event, even the traditional donkey rides! 
Then it was over to my drop in session at the Conservative Club, and a really busy time that proved to be. So I have much to be getting on with reporting residents’ issues to the various authorities who need to put matters right, including a report of a sink hole, and problems with television reception due to overhanging trees. So I am hoping that before long these issues will receive the required attention.
Last week the Biddulph Bloomers welcomed the judges to tour around the town to see the results of all the extremely hard work that has gone into providing such fabulous floral displays. I have to say Hilda Sheldon never ceases to amaze and the fact that this lady actually carried 60 buckets of water from the town hall down to the monument left even me speechless, her dedication knows no bounds! As I sit writing this letter the weather seems a little uncertain but listening to the forecast there is little chance of rain, but probably much more sunshine, and as it is Leek Show on Saturday let’s hope that is the case because this is yet another spectacle for us Moorlanders to enjoy. Meantime, I hope you all have a very good week. — Yours faithfully,

County, district and town councillor,
Biddulph Moor.
Telephone 01782 522614.
Mobile: 07553293343.

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