A rainbow of dog poo colours on way

Dear Sir, — I have been in contact recently with the dog warden and the Biddulph Valley Way Warden about the amount of dog fouling on the Biddulph Valley Way from Brunswick Wharf, Congleton, offering to volunteer to clear up the mess.
However, I was advised that this was not possible due to health and safety. So, I undertook to highlight each pile of mess with bright paint. At least 50 dog piles were highlighted.
Subsequently, other people have joined in so there is now a rainbow of dog poo colours on the way and this has started featuring on social media.
However, no poo has been removed and there is no evidence of anyone being stopped from adding to the piles. A request for the dog warden to be active in stopping people allowing their dogs to poo has not been responded to.
This area is lovely for walking and is being spoilt by thoughtless dog owners, yet the council seem unable to stop it. — Yours faithfully,

Dog Poo Fairy in waiting,