A shaggy dog story – part 2 of a few…

Note: Former Congletonian Alec Coles has sent in this story. He writes: “It is totally fictional, none of the characters exist or ever existed, and if this story bares any relation to any real happenings, it is truly coincidental.” Obviously this is not true: the probation office was close to North Rode Timber; the court was in Congleton Town Hall and St Peter’s Church is still there. In part two of the tale, the man on probation and serving his community service (“the client”) is digging a hole to bury a much-loved pet dog.
Resurrection of Rex 
When all three of them approached the area of the grave there was mounds of earth that rose above the lawn by at least three feet square. It was impossible to see the client as he had dug a grave deeper than was needed. 

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