A significant day for animal rights

Dear Sir, — Monday is a very significant day for animals’ rights in our Parliament, with two hugely important debates happening, both of which have come following over 100,000 compassionate people signing petitions requesting them.
One concerns ending the use of cages for farmed animals. 
In the UK, millions of farmed animals are reared in cages each year, including egg-laying hens and mother pigs. 
Over a third of eggs sold in the UK still come from hens who spend their entire lives confined behind bars and on wire flooring — that’s 16m individual hens a year. Meanwhile, over a quarter of a million UK sows are forced to give birth to their piglets in cages and feed them from behind metal bars. 
In the 21st century, these conditions are surely unacceptable — and yet they are widespread, including here in Cheshire.
The second debate concerns the principle of animal sentience being enshrined into UK law — legal recognition that non-human animals are thinking, feeling individuals. This would have very far-reaching consequences in every possible area of the law that involves animals, and it represents a historic opportunity for the UK to become a world leader in legislation that recognizes animal sentience.
These debates were due to take place last autumn but were delayed due to the prorogation of Parliament.
I would urge Chronicle readers to contact their local MPs urgently asking them to attend these debates and to speak for an end to caged animal farming and for animal sentience to be enshrined in law. All MPs’ contact details are accessible via theyworkforyou.com
Both debates will be viewable live on the UK Parliament’s YouTube channel. — Yours faithfully,

Animal Welfare Party Cheshire East.