A wait of 47 years for Brexit offering 

Dear Sir, — After a dearth of programmes worth watching on the television, I am thoroughly looking forward to tomorrow’s Brexit offering. 
I have waited 47 years for this as I voted no to the common market in 1973 so for me this is better than Christmas, New Year, Easter and my birthday all wrapped up in tinsel and brought to my door by someone from Postcode Lottery along with a cheque for £30,000.
For those sharing an equal sense of elation, and sorry that Big Ben is out of commission, I advise turning to YouTube where you can download the chimes.
We will be enjoying a bottle of bubbly left over from Christmas and we would have invited Alan Jelf and Margaret Brown but for the fact that they would feel as miserable as I have felt since 73’. 
Still, in 47 years’ time their wish might come true, but I doubt that the leaking tub known as The EU will be afloat by then.
Here’s to a prosperous and successful Great Britain and best wishes to all, Remainers included. — Yours faithfully,