Affront to integrity and common sense

Dear Sir, — Reference my letter in last week’s Chronicle and the editor’s factcheck. May I say that I find the details of the editor’s factcheck to be incredibly favourable to his point of view and makes no allowance for the fact that the main content of my letter had been factchecked by me and found to be correct.
The editor cannot assume that because he adds a factcheck to a letter it is to be accepted as correct simply because he has selected something which accords with his version of the facts.
As a Remainer, the editor was quite clever at using suitable factchecks when he argued points relating to Brexit raised by myself and other correspondents and it might be his prerogative when responding to letters to use factchecks favourable to his point of view. However, it did not turn out to be a successful exercise for him then and although there is a much longer period associated with the present issue it remains to be seen what will happen. At the moment he is 1-0 down.
Having researched the matters surrounding climate change, I find it to be an affront to my integrity and common-sense that he should liken or, by implication, associate my argument on climate change with the situation and thinking surrounding the nutters who think the Earth is flat or the people who believe that the holocaust never happened, etc.
A remarkably high number of people have a marked reluctance to believe that the planet may be naturally warming up and that this process may not have a lot to do with human activity. 
Human beings would always like to think that they have some control over any situation and to have to accept that on this occasion they might not have such control would be very worrying for them, especially the scientists. — Yours faithfully,