Air quality needs a management plan

Dear Sir, — In Monday’s edition of The Times an article reported that air pollution will lead to more than 160,000 deaths from heart attacks and strokes over the next decade unless the UK signs up to stricter pollution limits.
Some years ago, I was active in sending emails to fellow Conservatives about the scale of housing development in Sandbach and its likely impact on road congestion and air quality.
Like many others, notably Richard Hamilton, I also wrote letters to the Chronicle about the lack of air quality management plans and worries over traffic management.
All to no avail, Conservative-led Cheshire East Council either ignored or shrugged off concerns. 
Not surprisingly Cheshire East appeared regularly in Private Eye and has been subject to several police investigations.
Does the neglect of air quality management by council officers and some former councillors merit a further police investigation, or must we wait for an attributable death before acting? — Yours faithfully,