Alcohol tax and road death figures

Dear Sir, — In 2015 the police and crime commissioner for Bedfordshire admitted to a Commons Select Committee that he was considering permanently switching on speed cameras on the M1 to help fund the police.
Just one speed camera on London’s North Circular Road raised £1.5m in just six months. 
Speed awareness courses net the police £45 for each attendee yet the DfT admits that despite 10 million people attending them it had made no difference to the number or severity of collisions.
Drink driving deaths are at an eight-year high with the DfT saying about 290 people died from alcohol related driving accidents, a 26% increase.
Government statistics say alcohol killed 7,697 people in the UK in 2017.
The annual tax revenue from alcohol sales in the UK? £10bn. So do they — the Establishment — and their agencies like the police, DfT and local government really care about you? I think not. — Yours faithfully,


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