All these promises can’t be reconciled

Dear Sir, — As the Tory Brexit shambles judders on to its inevitable conclusion, it is worth reflecting on how we got into this mess. 
David Cameron called the Brexit referendum to silence his critics within the divided Conservative Party. 
His plans backfired. 
Theresa May then came to power, and in order to secure a Parliamentary majority did a £2bn deal with the DUP. 
The DUP is implacably opposed to any border controls between Northern Ireland and Britain. 
Theresa May has promised the EU that there will be no controls on the border between southern and northern Ireland, and she has promised the hardline Tory Brexiteers (and there is no one more Brexit than our own Fiona Bruce MP) that we will have border controls between the EU and UK. Square that one! It’s a Tory Brexit shambles.
All these promises cannot be reconciled and so the Tory Brexit negotiations will fail. 
Under the Tories the choice is between crashing out of the EU with no deal and paying into EU with limited control of rules or immigration or borders. 
The Labour position is that we need to negotiate a new customs union and control immigration through limiting benefits to new arrivals, strengthened workers’ rights and training of UK workers.
Given the resignation of Boris Johnson, the political calculation for Theresa May is whether she continues to negotiate with the EU on the country’s behalf (knowing that Boris is campaigning for the leadership behind her back) or whether she abandons any hope of getting a Brexit deal for the nation and calls a general election to try to stymie any leadership challenge from Boris.
As Sir Keir Starmer put it: “This is the heart of the problem. Tory divisions led us to Brexit. Tory divisions prevent a way forward. Here and across EU, time is running out on this Tory indulgence.” — Yours faithfully,


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