Alpha course back at New Life church

Dear Sir, — Do you fancy having your evening meal cooked for you on Wednesdays for 10 weeks from 29th January to 1st April?
Do you fancy meeting new people and enjoying conversation with them round the table as you eat? 
How about listening to a testimony and talk for half an hour or so, and thinking about who God is; did Jesus really die and if so, why? And how and why should I read the Bible and pray? 
All this will be followed by tea and coffee and a small group discussion on what you’ve heard, finishing at approximately 9.45pm.
The Alpha Course begins again at New Life Church on 29th January at both 9.45am-11am and 7pm-9.45pm, and is preceded by the invitation meal on Wednesday 22nd January, also at 7pm, which is a taster for the course.
To book your place at either or both, please call New Life Church on 01260 297 961 or email
We look forward to hearing from you. — Yours faithfully,