Alsager residents deserve better

Dear Sir, — Re Coun Sue Helliwell’s letter about me and four other Cheshire East residents in last week’s Chronicle, it is both untruthful (to which the audio recording of the meeting will testify) and malicious (to which anyone with a decent conscience will testify), as well as libellous (to which the Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of libel will testify).
As for her trying to score cheap political points through the ludicrous implication that anyone legitimately raising concerns about animal welfare somehow does so at the expense of concerns around people with disabilities, that’s a very low move that is deeply offensive to all those who campaign for a fairer world for all, regardless of political persuasion.
Coun Helliwell obviously thinks it is acceptable behaviour to snipe from the sidelines, attempting to divide through manipulation and discredit through untruths. I think the people of Alsager deserve much better from those who hold public office. —Yours faithfully,

Deputy leader,
Animal Welfare Party.

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