Blaming EU isn’t an excuse anymore

Dear Sir, — Thank goodness that’s over! 
Brexit got done at last — it’s what we voted for after all.
The only thing to do is the matter of a trade agreement we’ve been told will be easy.
I suggest they go into a quiet room, sort it out and don’t come out until it’s finished.
Now we can concentrate on the things that affect our daily lives, such as:
Universal credit, failed, costing billions and causing thousands of the poorest in our country untold misery.
Schools short of funding and under pressure from more and more red tape.
Social and hospital services lacking hundreds of thousands of staff. The ones that are working are under intense pressure so the system breaks causing unnecessary deaths. Waiting lists lengthen, targets are scrapped.
Law courts under-resourced, delaying justice for the innocent.
Failed privatisation of both prison and probation services that cost billions for a declining service.
Almost all our iconic UK companies in foreign hands.
Railways, also mainly in foreign hands failing and being nationalised.
Our NHS targeted by rapacious US pharmaceutical companies emboldened by our need for a trade agreement.
Six hundred police stations closed.
Food banks a growth industry.
A huge rise in rough sleeping.
A hit to our economy for Brexit of £130bn, according to the US financial analysts Bloomberg. And on a mundane level, potholes in our roads and litter in the verges.
All of the above are self-inflicted wounds, none the fault of the EU.
If Brexit was intended to help our fellow man let’s get on with it. Let’s take responsibility for our own actions, No more bluster, no more posturing.
And — please God — no more Nigel Farage!
Blaming the EU isn’t an excuse any more.
From now on if you hear any politician or newspaper whining about what those nasty foreigners are doing to us you can be damn sure they trying to distract you from the complete cock up they’re making of our country.
Remember — two thirds of us didn’t vote for Brexit and we’re expecting results.
Quickly! — Yours faithfully,