Bradshaw House to be demolished?

Dear Sir, — I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the article in last week’s Chronicle giving Coun Rachel Bailey’s response to our MP’s concerns about Bradshaw House.
She apparently said that it is to be marketed commercially as the council considers this is the best way to secure its long-term future as a listed property in the centre of Congleton.
This is the approach, we recall, that entrusted a listed building in the centre of Congleton (known locally as Bosson’s Mill) to a commercial company that not only failed to develop the site and conserve the property, but allowed it to fall into such disrepair that the same council had to spend £1m demolishing it.
So I take it that the council will now set aside another £1m to secure the long-term demolition (sorry, future) of Bradshaw House. A safe pair of hands for our heritage, indeed. — Yours faithfully,


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