Brexiteers can pick our vegetables now

Dear Sir, — It’s been a month since we left the EU and there are still straight cucumbers in my supermarket. This was the red line for a lot of Brexit voters.
I see that the compassionate (accused of being a bully, surely not) Mrs Patel is going to stop low-skilled workers from entering the UK because we have a British-born younger generation standing by their X-Boxes ready to wipe our old folks’ bottoms and pick out fruit and vegetables.
Alternatively, all Brexit voters could do this work. 
She has also started to deport people back to Jamaica, but unfortunately more are coming in via dinghies across the channel due to the naughty French moving them on.
Does part of taking back control mean Mr Branson’s Virgin West Coast trains being taken over by the Italians and all other train companies to remain under foreign control, as nationalisation is not going to happen?
Also, HS2 has now been given the green light but the job will be given to the Chinese, like building our power stations and Huawei. 
If they can build two hospitals in a week, then they can build Boris’s 40 new hospitals by the end of the year.
One consolation is we are told we will be able to negotiate a great deal with Europe, but as we will be denied a Canada plus, plus, plus deal, we will end up with no deal, which will mean problems for everyone.
Buses are a big thing for Boris; London’s bendy buses were a failure, he pushed Northern Ireland under the bus to get a Brexit deal and the country’s bus is being driven by Cummings (the monocled mutineer) and conducted by Johnson (the racist Brexiteer), which is heading for the nearest cliff.
Brexit looks a good choice. — Yours faithfully,