Brexiteers should take responsibility 

Dear Sir, — I hear Trump’s poodle Boris Johnson is saying Brexit is “do or die”.
Can someone tell him it’s a trade negotiation, not a bl**dy war!
But of course that’s how so many Brexiteers see it — us against Johnny Foreigner.
I expect we’ll be listening to The Dambusters March and Vera Lynn on a loop on the BBC prior to 31st October.
The only similarity with the war is that the poor bloody infantry — you and me that is — will do the suffering, while the rich politicians like Farage and Johnson and the rest get off scot free.
Of course there are many saying if Brexit turns our badly it’ll be the EU’s fault. Not ours for wanting our cake and eat it, then. It seems to me they’re realising it’s all going to go very badly wrong, and are already searching round for someone else to blame.
Just remember — this isn’t the Blitz. This is a stupid self-inflicted wound with very little benefit and an already unpleasant downside obvious to anyone, including Brexiteer MPs, who care to look.
You Brexiteers did it — now take responsibility for the billions it’s already cost and the livelihoods already lost. — Yours faithfully,


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