Brexiters haven’t changed mind

Dear Sir, — I made the choice and voted for the UK to leave the EU, along with more than 17m other people, and now I am being told by some ludicrously pessimistic Remainers that the UK is not capable of standing on its own two feet.
Many people are not happy with the way in which the negotiations have been conducted, and the indifference shown by several members of the Cabinet, but this was always likely considering that the Government has not had to deal with a matter of this kind before and the result of the referendum did come as a bit of a shock to a lot of people, especially politicians.
One repetitive negative process that simply strengthens my desire for the UK to leave the EU is the Remainers’ belief that writing many columns of percentages about this, that and the other will encourage people to pull the plug on our departure. 
Well, they could not be further from the truth as the people I speak to, who voted to leave, still feel the same as when they came out of the polling booth and are not going to be moved by the bluster and fluster generated by the project fear brigade. — Yours faithfully,

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