British history: how some of us see it…

Dear Sir, — The following is a view of British post-war history gleaned mainly from the letters of some of your more patriotic correspondents.
1945: an ungrateful electorate rejects Britain’s greatest prime minister and war leader in favour of a dubious bunch of subversives and do-gooders led by red-in-tooth-and claw extremist Clem Attlee. These Moscow-funded anarchists bankrupt the country with their grandiose, socialist schemes. Kremlin agent Nye Bevan not only institutes an ultimately unaffordable national health service but also, in his role as minister for housing, builds 300,000 houses a year — what we now call “social housing” — thereby laying the foundations of the “sink estates” of the future. Britain’s railways are taken into public ownership, paid for with Russian gold. Meanwhile the British Empire is abandoned to the wogs.

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