Build HS2 and end  domestic flights 

Dear Sir, — While I understand, sympathise and agree with Andrea Bloomfield’s letter in last week’s Chronicle about HS2, there is an alternative viewpoint.
To function as an effective trading nation, following Brexit we need to act as a co-ordinated entity with all parts playing their part for the common good.
To do this there must be adequate infrastructure both north–south and west–east.
We must also, for environmental reasons, abolish intra-UK flights on a commercial basis and drastically reduce private car and road freight use.
Thus, while despairing of the financial, social, environmental effects of HS2, it is necessary and should have been built much sooner.
Although it is easy for some to focus on the advantages of well-connected, vibrant communities with excellent local transport links, leisure, sport and social activities, what most young people wish for is to live in a prosperous, vibrant, interconnected and outward-looking country in which they can fulfil their full potential and engage with the wider world. — Yours faithfully,