Business as usual for badger patrol

Dear Sir, — While we welcome the Government’s announcement last week that it doesn’t wish to extend the horrific badger cull indefinitely, and that it will support other, on-farm measures to tackle bovine TB as well as badger vaccination, we would like to point out that it will be business as usual for Wounded Badger Patrol in Cheshire this autumn, as badgers will still be culled in the county. 
We fully hope that this will be the last year we have to defend these iconic animals in the fields of Cheshire.
Meanwhile over the county borders, the badgers of Staffordshire face another two years of culling.
It’s worth noting that Defra, as part of last week’s announcement, reserved the right to extend the badger culling zones if needed — small print that was unfortunately not covered in many of the ensuing and largely misleading media articles.
After three consecutive years of badger culling in Cheshire, where our wonderful patrollers have been peacefully and legally defending the badgerlands night after night for weeks on end every autumn, even the tacit admission from the Government that badger culling won’t eradicate bovine TB is a joyless moment for us. 
We have known and said all along that the science didn’t stack up, and that every last badger in the UK could be culled and there would still be bovine TB.
Thousands of badgers have been culled here in Cheshire to date, and for what? 
Our message to members of the public is that badgers will be under grave threat again across Cheshire this autumn. 
We will be there again to defend their right to “be”. 
Please support your local Wounded Badger Patrol — and join us if you can, in what we sincerely hope will be our last year of action against this senseless and unprecedented slaughter of an iconic native species. — Yours faithfully,