Buy local: it’s best for local economy 

Dear Sir, — Buying from local businesses helps keep money circulating in the local economy. This is true for buying the local newspaper, buying from local shops and it is also true for local councils. 
In June 2019, the new Labour/Independent Cabinet of Cheshire East Council approved new commissioning processes, which aim to encourage locally based providers to supply fresh meat and poultry produce for school meals. This helps local businesses and helps the environment by reducing food miles — the distance that food has to travel to get from field to fork. 
Sadly, councils are constrained by Government rules and red tape around compulsory competitive tendering. 
An over-emphasis on “best value” and the profit motive can mean that low prices and a savvy tender-writing department can trump a local enterprise providing a good service. 
Supporting local businesses with good environmental practices does make long-term economic sense; that’s why the local Cheshire East Labour manifesto at includes a commitment to “Promote a ‘spend local’ policy to encourage local business”. — Yours faithfully,
Labour and Co-operative Coun for Sandbach Heath and East.