Celebrating our local Rotary Club

Dear Sir, — It was my pleasure to attend a presentation evening as a guest of the Rotary Club of Biddulph this week. The club was distributing cheques from the popular Sleigh Run, where community organisations helped collect for charity with Santa and the club shared the proceeds. 
It was fantastic to see and chat to those Biddulph community groups being represented. Biddulph Youth and Community Zone, Air Cadets, Biddulph Boxing Gym, Biddulph Moor First Responders, Troll Run, Biddulph District Youth Orchestra and Sallyanne’s Hair Salon on behalf of the British Heart Foundation all took part in the Sleigh Run with Rotary. They had some adverse weather conditions to contend with but, true to form, Santa always finds a way!
The Rotary club gave out over £2,000 in cheques to community organisations. Teamwork really does make the dream work!
Following the presentation I was invited to stay and break bread with the club, listening to all the wonderful stories of charity and fellowship. 
A presentation was given by a visiting Rotarian about the worldwide Rotary organisation and polio. I learnt that Rotary International has been intrinsic to the battle in eradicating polio and it is incredibly close to doing so. This devastating disease is almost the second ever disease to be completely defeated by modern medicine, mainly thanks to the work of Rotary. What an achievement! 
Worldwide and in our home town of Biddulph we are often (as I was) unaware of our Rotarians’ laudable endeavours.
Thank you Biddulph Rotary, for all your hard work, effort and belief in our town. You truly ought to be celebrated for all the work you do. — Yours faithfully,