Charter won’t stop sexual exploitation

Dear Sir, — Sam Corcoran’s wish for councils to engage with the Co-operative Party’s Charter Against Modern Slavery is riddled with party political bias, if only by virtue of the fact that according to Coun Corcoran the Co-operative Party is Labour’s sister party.
Over several years, I have written many letters to the Chronicle about the sexual exploitation and abuse of vulnerable young people, which have never received any support or comment from Coun Corcoran, although I fully realise that he would not have wanted to support a campaigner who referred to the Labour Party’s incompetence and inaction in a number of local authorities that resulted in such appalling sexual exploitation and abuse for so many thousands of young people.
Most of the places where men were belatedly prosecuted had a Labour-controlled council and a Labour Party police commissioner who initially failed to take any action against the men concerned because they quite wrongly imagined that they would be thought of as racists in view of the fact that many of the men were of Asian appearance.
The rather perplexing situation now emerging is that at least three of those councils have now signed up to the charter, which offers no assurance that appropriate steps will be taken against an alleged offender if the councils concerned are again faced with a decision that is materially affected by the dictates of political correctness. — Yours faithfully,


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